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This Jamaican Woman Returned ATM Cash And Was Rewarded With $1.2 Million


We are constantly playing games in our mind, what would we do if we found an X amount of money on the street. Well, tell me this, what would you do if you found a bag of cash next to an ATM? I would say that I don’t know how I would react until I find myself in that situation. Well, a woman from Jamaica found herself in this exact situation, and she decided to return the money to the ATM owners, and for this kind gesture, the ATM owners decided to reward the kind woman with a check for 1.2 million dollars.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Running into the Money

The woman in question for today’s story is from Jamaica, her name is Ackaisha Green, and she is unemployed. So, as you would expect, she was in a hole of debts while she was trying to take care of her two sons. All this lead to the tough decision she had to make once she found a bag of five thousand dollars and a thousand dollars in notes next to an ATM. One of her options was to take the money and pay her debt, or she had the opportunity of handing the money back to its original owners.

She Did the Right Thing

Despite the fact that the money could’ve changed her life and the life of her children, she decided that the best thing she could do is to hand the money back to the ATM owners. JWN was amazed by the kind gesture of Ackaisha, especially when they heard her story and saw how much money she had returned. They couldn’t figure out how the money ended up sitting out in the open in front of the ATM. The only option was that someone has been filling the ATM, and forgot the bags outside, left the bags for anyone to find.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

She Did Not Expect this

Once she left the money at the ATM bank owners, she didn’t think much of the whole ordeal. And, nobody had mentioned the event up until she got a call from the bank and learned that the bank wanted to award her kindness and honesty. The bank had offered Ackaisha 1.2 million dollars, which translates to nearly 9 thousand United States Dollars. This money would help Ackaisha to get out of the debt, secure her sons’ education, and have enough for new appliances and food. This is how the bank organized the award, $1 million dollars for her two sons, 100 000 dollars was for new appliances like a new refrigerator and entrepreneurial venture, and the rest of the money would be enough for food and drinks.

Using the Bank’s Money Wisely

Luckily, all of the money was enough to change Ackaisha’s life as well as her kids’ lives.  The bank’s plans were correct, and now Ackaisha doesn’t have to try and pay off the debt while she’s taking care of her kids. Now, she can afford school for her kids with the 1 million from the bank, and she confessed that she might get back to school herself too!

The amazing deed that Ackaisha did when she brought the money back to the ATM owners helped her in her life and her kids’ lives too. But, she did not expect this good deed to end up changing her life once and forever.


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