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This Man Saved The Life Of A Woman Who Plunged Into A Creek And His Name Is Miracle


There are tons of bad stuff happening around us each and every day. So, oftentimes we feel the need to be reminded that there are good people out in the world after all. And, when we see or read about someone who has done an act of kindness in order to help someone and not ask anything in return, having faith in humanity actually makes sense for a moment. And, as the man from today’s story did show us, it’s not all that hard to do something good even despite the fact that not everybody gets to be named Miracle.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Something isn’t Right in the Distance

So what was the good act that we’re talking about you ask? Well, to get to that first we need to go through some minor details about the whole event. This event was occurring on the night of April 2019. The hero in our story is a man named Chris Miracle, and he is 26 years old. Miracle was driving throughout Baker County when he noticed something strange in the woods in the middle of the night. In the beginning, Miracle didn’t want to hold up his truck, and he was trying to reach his end destination, so he ignored the strange, flashing lights that were coming out of the woods. But, soon enough, not even a mile after he saw them, he realized that he needs to go back and see what was happening. And, so he did. He couldn’t resist the mystery and the feeling that something was wrong made it even worse for Miracle.

Taking a Closer Look into the Flashing Lights in the Woods

Chris quickly turned his truck back around and decided to go back and check out what was happening in the woods. He parked his vehicle near the church and started making his way into the woods in order to see what the flashing lights were. Once he got to the point of origin of the flashing lights, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He noticed that there was a car that seemed to skew off the road and fell in a ditch. The trucker started thinking that someone might be hurt in the car and that they might be stuck in there, so he got closer to the car and started checking the damage of the car. Only when he began paying close attention to the car, he noticed an unknown woman in the car, she was stuck there, and she was desperate for someone who could help her. And miraculously, Miracle was there for her.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Waiting for Someone to Save Her

The trucker didn’t want to waste any time because of the fact that the situation might worsen any minute. He noticed that the passenger in the car was an old lady who wasn’t in any condition to be driving during the night. She explained that she was having some problems with her medicine, and she ended up in this horrible car accident. Luckily she was okay. She noticed that there wasn’t anyone to help her there, so she turned on the hazard lights of her car and hoped and prayed that someone would see them. And a Miracle came her way, and her prayers were answered.

After the trucker saw the lady, he immediately called the ambulance. They took her to the hospital, and after a thorough check from the doctors, she was given the okay. She’s happy that Miracle came and saved her and both of them are actually sure that he was there for a reason and that he was doing god’s work!


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