This Man Worked On His Granddaughter’s Gift For More Than 10 Years And Her Reaction Was Unexpected

Lauren Black grew up in a loving family in Texas and was about to turn 16 years old. The young lady was very excited about her big day and couldn’t wait to celebrate it with her family and close friends. Big planned birthday parties weren’t her thing, so Lauren decided to arrange something more low-key for her birthday instead.

Lauren, or Ren, decided to have a small celebration with her family and close friends. She wanted to spend this day with people who mattered the most to her instead of inviting half of her high school, as a lot of girls her age preferred to do. However, Ren wasn’t expecting to discover an exceptional surprise made by her grandfather on her Sweet sixteenth birthday.

Small Town Girl

Ren was born in a small town in the area of Keller, Texas, the population of which was only around 45,000 residents located in the metroplex of Dallas-Fort Worth. Lauren’s city even advertises itself as it “successfully balances big-city comforts with small-town charm.”

Credits: Twitter/@renblankk

If you ever visited Keller, you would see for yourself that this statement is indeed true. Lauren was born and raised in Keller, by the time she was sixteen, Ren turned into a well-educated mature girl. Her parents were very proud of her and wanted to plan something exceptional for her sweet sixteen birthday. Ren had no idea what was waiting for her around the corner.

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