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This Manager Was Forced To Fire His Entire Team, So He Made Their Last Day Unforgettable


Each and every one of us has experienced being fired from work at least one time in their whole career. And, I know that most of us already know how it feels to get fired, how frustrating and stressful can it be. But, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Namely, here’s how this manager approached the problem when he needed to fire his whole team.

Share your Stories!

If you’re looking for some weird, touching and/or emotional stories, then Reddit is just the right place for you! But, it oftentimes has some useful tips and answers to some questions. One question especially gained some traction lately. This person was asking people to share the craziest quitting stories that they had. There were a couple of replies on the question with people telling both funny and sad stories from when they quit or were fired. But, one story from a manager that was forced to fire his whole team gained a lot of attention, and here’s why!

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Getting the Wanted Job

A Reddit user that goes by the username “ShortAdamLewis” told the story and here’s how it started. He started by telling people how happy and delighted he was for scoring the job of his dreams – His job was managing a staff of government workers. After some time spent at the military (We thank him for his service), he decided to retire from there and turn his attention towards his family. But, he needed a stable job that could pay for their bills. His job was looking over a small group of a couple of government workers in our government.

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Thinking Before Doing it

They were working one day as usual on some weekly reviews that they had to sort out, and the government told him that they are terminating their project and they needed him to fire his team. And where some people would find this pretty offensive and careless, “ShortAdamLewis” decided that he was going to find the best way possible to announce the bad news to his team!

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Ensuring Their Future

After they got to work the next morning he decided to let them know that it was their last day together. But, instead of releasing them from work and sending them home, he decided to ensure that everybody found a suitable career for themselves. As if that wasn’t enough, they spent more than half a day looking for jobs for every member of the team. And the rest of their workday they decided to write recommendation letters for one another. But, “ShortAdamLewis” knows that the final day at work shouldn’t be filled with work tasks, and he did something even more amazing!

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It’s all About Fun

The team manager also decided to order pizza for everyone so that they would have something to snack on while they focused on their letters and reviews. They also decided to go out for drinks after their work hours were over, and even though all of the employees lost their jobs, this manager managed to create positive vibes around his team! And what’s best, most of his colleagues managed to get their next jobs within weeks of the firing!

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