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This Neighborhood Threw An Epic Party For The Mailman When He Retired


There are times in our lives when we get surprised but not by the people we expected a surprise from. Sometimes the people we expect the least do huge things for us. That is what happened with Floyd Martin, who was working for the same post office and was serving the same route for 30 years. And, once the time came for him to go and start his retirement, one of the neighborhoods in his course decided to do something amazing for the old mailman!

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Floyd’s Beginnings as a Mailman

We have many great days in our lives, but only a few of them are remembered throughout. There are only a number of times when we can say that our lives have changed for the better, and Floyd Martin thinks that the event that we’re about to talk today, was one of those life-changing moments for him. USPS needed a couple of years to offer the then-young and inexperienced mailman a job. And, while he was waiting for his dream job, he was working at the bank. Once USPS finally decided to hire him, they offered Floyd double his salary, and because he really liked the job before the salary now, he was ecstatic to accept it. So, he jumped at the opportunity.

The Same Route for over 20 Years

Floyd was at the same route for 20 of the 30 years that he spent as a mailman, and a lot of the people on his course were already familiar with him, and some had even become his friends. He was really famous at the streets of his route, so much so, that on the career day, he saw one young girl who was dressed as a mailman. You got to know that you’re making some kind of impact when you see people dressing as you for career day, don’t you!?

The Surprising Last Day

The people on Floyd’s route were thankful for his service, and they knew that he was about to retire, so they decided that they wanted to show him how much he meant to them, and the impact that he made on their lives. So, they decided to decorate their mailboxes in order to pay their respect for Floyd’s last shift. And, that wasn’t everything that the locals did. A lot of them decided to buy gifts for their mailman and delivered them to Floyd.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

The Biggest Surprise for the Mailman

If you thought that the people from Floyd’s route would stop there, you are really wrong! Instead of stopping there, they decided to all get out and wait for Floyd to finish his shift to uncover the big surprise! Once Floyd got to the last destination he already knew that the people from his route decided to throw a big street party in honor of his retirement. The party consisted of Floyd and more than 300 people that loved and cherished their mailman!

What About his Future?

Floyd says that he is sure that not delivering mail after his retirement would be pretty strange for him, but he will try to manage it. Despite the fact that Floyd is not a father, he says that he has more than five hundred kids because of his mailing job. He says that he hopes that people like him, and they smile every time they think about him. And we are sure that they will smile!

Finding his Freedom

One of his retirement wishes is for him to travel to Hawaii and find his new home there. Now that he is free to do whatever he wants, he would like to move to Hawaii and stay there for a while. And, his neighbors made sure that they make his wish a reality. They created a GoFundMe page, and they raised more than 26 thousand dollars a day. Today, there are more than 32 thousand dollars raised on the page.

What do you think of your mailman? Do you like him as much as these people loved Floyd? Would you throw a retirement party for your mailman? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below and make sure to share this article with your friends and family on your social media profiles!


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