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This Powerful Christmas Video Is Going Viral, And It’s Giving Us All The Feels


Advertisements have become second nature to all of us. As well as the contest of companies trying to compete with each other to get the most costumers, and impress more people with their advertisements in order to get more buyers in their shops. But, the interesting thing is that despite the fact that people are impressed by the advertisements not everybody thinks that it’s the best thing to use influencers and celebrities in order to entice your costumer to buy from you!

This short movie that Phil Beastall has produced back in 2014 shows us how a great thing would take more time to get noticed. This video started going viral recently and it shares an amazing message about the greatest Christmas gift that we can give to someone!

Christmas Is Coming!

The start of this short film shows a young man counting down the time until the holidays, and taking a look at his plans for December. In the video he is showed how he starts to decorate for the holidays, decorating his tree, but there is one problem. The man has no one by his side, he is alone all the time. He doesn’t have anyone to share the Christmas joy with. And it doesn’t take a long time for the producer to uncover the heartwarming message to his audience.

Phil Beastall – Filmmaker and Video Producer/YouTube

Love Is All We Need!

When Christmas morning comes, the man opens up his last gift which turns out to be a cassette from his deceased mother. As it turns out his mother planned a couple of tapes as a Christmas gift for her son once she’s gone. And in them she starts telling him about her life, and the best days of her life, mentioning that the best moment of her life was when he was born. And as it turns out, the ending message of the movie that they try to share with their viewers is the one that the mother was trying to teach her son. That the best Christmas gift is love that never ends.

Good Things Take a Long Time!

So how does this movie produced in 2014 gets the traction just now? Beastall is asking the same thing, he’s wondering how the video that he least expected started going viral. Either way, he’s enjoying the attention that his movie is getting and said that he feels like he is living the dream!

Phil Beastall/Creativepool

The great producer also added that his intentions were to create a video/short movie that would spread the message and also link with the situation of a lot of people. And, we would love to congratulate him on his huge success!


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