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This Pregnant Rescued Dog Gave Birth To Six Puppies, And One Was Green


Stray dogs. Some love them some hate them. The German Shepherd named Reba was a pregnant stray dog that roamed the streets of Georgia. The people from Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue saved Reba from a situation that had endangered her life, and Kristy Anderson is the person who decided to give Reba a temporary shelter in her house. Kristy wanted to keep Reba at least until she gave birth to the little puppies. When Reba gave birth to her little ones, one of the puppies had green fur. Want to find out why? Well read on and discover the reason for Reba’s green-furred puppy!

Providing the Dog with the Much Needed Shelter

Kristy Anderson is the owner of five beautiful dogs. She decided to move to Tampa, Florida at the time. But, Reba didn’t see this as a roadblock for her to shelter the beautiful pregnant Reba. She knew that the German Shepherd would want to provide her newborns with a safe environment for them to grow, and that was what Kristy had to offer, so that’s what she did.

Image Source: Greenfield Puppies

The Newborn Puppies

It wasn’t too long after Reba’s adoption when she gave birth to her six beautiful newborns. Namely, Kristy had only had her for two or three days. The puppies, as we mentioned earlier, looked terrific, but one of them stood out of the bunch. One of the newborns had a couple of bright green stripes in the fur. And, just like anybody would, Kristy and everybody that saw the puppy was shocked.

Image Source: Dog Breed Info

Why the Newborn Puppy had the Green Stripes?

The explanation for why the puppy was born with green stripes is scientific. Namely, in the mother dog’s womb, the dogs are laying pretty close to other organs. This puppy was closer to the gall bladder. The gall bladder produces green dye which in rare cases can dye up the puppy’s fur green. Some of that light green bile leaks in the amniotic sac, and that’s the main reason why the puppy had green stripes in its fur.

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Why Don’t we have More Green Dogs then?

So, you might as. Where are all the green dogs then, if this is how they’re dyed green, then there must be a lot of green newborn puppies. Well, to be honest with you, the dye from the bile is not a long-lasting color, so that means that the green pigment is sure to fall off as time goes by. Sometimes it can fade away in only a couple of days. After the green pigment fades away, you would never be able to realize that this dog was previously green. However, Reba loves all of her newborns equally, no matter if they are green, white, black or brown, they’re all equal to her.

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Future Plans For The Dogs

Today, Kristy Anderson changed her mind and said that the German Shephard and her newborns are welcomed to stay in her house until she can find owners who will take care of all of them. The staff at the dog shelter thinks that it would be easy to find owners for the newborns, and Kristy said that if Reba didn’t find a new owner, she would be willing to adopt her.

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