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This Principal Wanted To Quit Until Student Changed Her Mind


Each and every one of us has had a time in their lives when they felt fed up by their job and just wanted to quit. Haven’t you? I know I have, but there’s always something that makes us stay, this was the case with this principle, and she was going through some rough times up until a student changed her life once and for all.

Fed up With Her Work

Nadia Lopez, the principal in Brownsville in New York City, has started to feel fed up with her work and got tired from starting over. She didn’t feel like an essential part of the students’ school life. So, she decided that she wanted to leave her work once and for all.

Image Source: Ninja Journalist

Spending some Time With her Daughter

Like a lot of people living in the area, Nadia too decided to go to Broadway along with her daughter. But, not too long after they got there, she started checking her phone, because of the fact that she was flooded with notifications, calls, and texts. The workers at the theatre asked her to turn her phone off, but her daughter insisted that she checks what’s going on and why is she getting all those notifications, calls, and texts.

Humans of New York

The part of the town where she lives has one of the highest crime rates in the city of New York. A lot of boys are dropping out of their schools, and it is a really troubling area. A photo blog named Humans of New York gave these people some attention and brought them to life. The photographer that sits behind this blog, Brandon Stanton, decided to snap photographs of people in the city of New York and put up their photos up on his blog alongside a quote that they told him.

Image Source: Ninja Journalist

How she Impacts her Students

So, how is this blog connected to Nadia you ask me? Well, it wasn’t until Brandon Stanton spoke to the thirteen-year-old boy, Vidal Chastanet, that the principal understood how she actually impacted the kids in her area and school. Vidal said something that amazed the principle and made her believe that she has some impact on her students after all. The boy spoke about how his principal was one of the most influential people that he has ever met. He added that making each and every student feel important and as they really matter is not the only thing that the principal does entirely, she also gives them hope and motivates them to move forward with their school.

Her Hope was Finally Restored

After the words that came out of Vidal’s mouth, the teacher started loving her job once again, and she felt like she wants to continue being the school’s principle. And despite the fact that her mother told her that she needs to pray for her answers, she didn’t realize how the students felt about how she impacts their lives, but now when she does know how she changes their lives, she felt that her hope was restored and she wants to continue with her job.

Sometimes, we don’t know how others feel about us until they tell us. That’s how this principle almost quit her job without knowing the impact she has on her student’s lives. She didn’t know how they felt about her until Vidal came out in front of a camera and spoke about it. And that was the turning point in her career. Speak up your words no matter how small of a gesture it can be, and it can help someone a lot!


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