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This School Is Giving Students PE Credits For Helping Those In Need


We’ve had so many articles that are focusing on people who are doing good deeds for the people around them that could not achieve that on their own. But not too many of those articles were based on people doing some kind of community-based work which would help people that are struggling down the road. Personally, I feel amazing when I am doing something good, and I feel equally satisfied when I read about someone who is doing something good for the people around them. Today, we are going to talk about this Iowa School teacher, Tim Hitzler, who has made a program to get his students more involved in the community work by giving out some PE credits to the participants.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Tim’s Program Works Perfectly – Everyone’s Satisfied

Tim Hitzler had a breakthrough idea that was amazing for solving the problem of students not applying to do some community work. He decided to start a program that encouraged his students to help older people by doing stuff around their gardens and helping them out with their yards. The idea behind this project was to teach youngsters that helping people makes you feel good and useful while also aiding them in learning some labor skills that would be helpful to them in the future. And, as Tim, their teacher, puts it, they would also be getting some exercise into their days because of the fact that gardening isn’t an easy job to do.

One of the Best Perks of Tim’s Program

Tim’s program is getting more and more famous, and one of the students that decided to take up the challenge shared his opinion with us. Nick Colsn a seventeen years old teen that chose to go through his teacher, Tim’s program talked about how he wouldn’t have met any of the people that he has helped if it wasn’t for the program. On his regular days, Nick said that he goes to school and work and comes back home, and that’s his day. This program helped him make new friends and meet people by doing some of the tasks. Pulling weeds, mowing their lawns, and raking leaves are just a part of the tasks that Nick needed to do in order to get the PE credits.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

At First, Nobody Liked the Program

Just like every young student, Tim’s students were not thrilled with his program at the beginning. That was until they started getting their hands dirty, they began to enjoy the program, and more and more students were entering it. Tim himself said that at the beginning, they did not like the program, but as time passed by, his students got motivated and started helping older people by following the program. In the end, Tim said that despite the fact that they need a bit of a nudge and a push to start, teens have a good heart and they generally want to help people. And, once they’ve done something right, you can see the satisfaction from the good deed on their faces.

Some might not help people for the old fashioned PE credits that Tim was offering his students. But, Tim’s students sure liked the idea to do some small tasks in order to get the PE credits.


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