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This Town Is Painting 3D Crosswalks Near Primary Schools To Get Cars To Slow Down


Fast driving is not an uncommon thing around the world. But would you decrease your speed if you noticed this in front of you on the road? Well, a small Icelandic town named Ísafjörður invented a modern looking and pretty realistic way to slow people down.

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Ralf Tryalla, the environmental commissioner in Iceland, started implementing this idea after seeing something much similar to this in New Delhi in India. Ralf began to gather all of the documentation from the police and the Transportation Authority in order to make this plan a reality so, once he was done with all of the paperwork, he hired the street painting company named Vegmálun GÍH and got to work.

Ralf wasn’t okay with the 18.6mph limit that was set for the area. So he came up with a clever way of slowing people down. The manager at the company that painted the streets, Gautur Ívar Halldórsson helped Ralf design the speed bumps by using 3D Paintings. So, now, not only do people stop at the speed bumps, they even have a work of art in their city.

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Ralf plans on painting even more parts of the town because of the fact that these speed bumps proved to be pretty successful at slowing the people at Ísafjörður and New Delhi. These speed bumps are also used in many other countries and cities all over the world such as Central Asia, Chengdu, China, Osaka, Japan, Vancouver, and Germany.

Would you be okay with your town implementing something like this to slow drivers down?

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There are even some countries and cities that are playing with the idea. They are improving on it, by adding in kids playing on the street and some are even drawing Charles Schultz’s Peanuts crossing the speed bumps. They are getting more and more creative.

Here’s a video of the fantastic design of the speed bump, take a look and see the work of art in action!

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