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This vet did something remarkable to make this dog feel more comfortable


Pets, can’t live with them, can’t live without them! They oftentimes get into our hearts rather quickly, and we can’t bare seeing them struggle in pain. I think that I am speaking for every pet owner out there when I say, that we would do anything not to watch our pet suffer from pain, and would do even more to make them feel good and make sure that they’re okay. This article is about one pet owner that decided to take his dog to the vet, and here’s what the vet did to make the dog feel as comfortable as possible…

Problems upon Problems

Sonya, the proud owner of Rupert the Dalmatian rescued him a couple of years back from the animal shelter. The fact that Rupert was previously abused by his last owner, she knew that it would take the dog a bit longer in order to get used to her and start trusting her and she was fine with that. It took Rupert a bit more than a year in order to fully know Sonya and start trusting her, and even after that, there were some difficulties between them. Let’s take the separation anxiety that Rupert developed after a while. He couldn’t leave Sonya’s side and this meant that the vet visits were particularly hard for him.

The Dog Refuses to Go In Without its Owner

The news that her dog was in need of an operation shocked Sonya as Rupert was looking like a pretty healthy dog. The vet decided that the best solution to Rupert’s health problem would be to take him under the knife. The staff at the local veterinary ambulance was pretty helpful and wanted to help Rupert out. The doctor that was taking care of him – Mike Farrell didn’t find it easy to take Rupert in for surgery without Sonya. He felt that Sonya is not near him and as the doctor put it, they couldn’t precede the procedure with the dog at that state!

Think for a While

The caretaker of the dog was pretty decisive to take Rupert in for the surgery so he asked Sonya if she had something that will ease up the pressure back at home to bring it to the vet’s office. After thinking for a while she decided that this was the perfect thing to loosen Rupert up. So she went back home and took something that she knew was going to ease Rupert up. Once she got to the vet’s office and she gave the vet the thing she thought would ease Rupert up, the vet couldn’t believe what was in front of his eyes! She took a giant mouse costume.

Let’s Put it On!

Back at her house, she would put on the giant mouse costume and she would constantly play with Rupert. It seemed as though Rupert started loving that costume, and started trusting the costume. So, Mike decided to put it on and see where the situation goes from there. As soon as Rupert saw the costume he and Mike became best friends, and the surgery was successful.


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