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This Video Of ‘Harry The Hippo’ Is Going Viral For Most Hilarious Reason


Animals always seem to be the biggest attraction to people on the internet. In a lot of cases we’re laughing at the things that they do in the videos, and some times there are moments when we’re crying. But, the fact of the matter is that some of the more popular videos include animals in them. It is proven that people love seeing videos of animals. One of these fantastic videos is this one, snapped back in 2011. It features a hippo in the zoo, and what the hippo did while he was filmed was amazing.

Image Source: IcePop

This is Harry the Hippo

People that have watched the video say that if there was any kind of competition of farting, then Harry the Hippo would be one of if not the best at this competition. We all know that people find farts hilarious, but who expected this animal to break the wind this loudly? In the video that we have down below this paragraph, you will notice the animal slowly getting away from the water. As he was climbing back up on the land, he stands still for a little bit, and you can hear him break the wind. And, it was one of the longest and loudest farts I’ve ever heard!

Image Source: IcePop

Everybody knew that this is a natural biological and bodily function, but no one could ignore what Harry the hippo did at that moment. Humans were laughing, and it surely caught the attention of other animals in the zoo. The YouTube channel CuriosityTube shared the video back in the month of December 2011, and it was uploaded for nearly eight years. But, the video has just started getting traction, and it recently started gaining in popularity. Almost thirty millions of people have seen the video by now, and the comments in the video are amazingly funny!

What Happened with the Hippo

Well, today, Harry the hippo is known as Harry the farting hippo, and he is becoming an internet rock star. Everybody seems to have seen his video. The views of the video of Harry the hippo farting are continually raising, and many of the new users that see the video comment about how hilarious it is. One user with the channel name Tony Tom stated that Harry’s fart sounds more like a chainsaw that is cutting a tree, and ToasterBuster 123 added that he could relate to this once he has eaten two Chipotle’s with chili.

Image Source: IcePop

Twitter users have also started liking the video. Namely, one user @artmanwilly said that there’s nothing more uplifting than watching a video of Harry the farting hippo first thing in the morning. The great moment of the fart made people love the video even more. There are strange things on the internet, and this video was one of those weird things, but times and times again people have proven that they love watching strange things!


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