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This Woman Found A New Best Friend In This Cat After Her Husband Passed


Losing a family member can be a tough time for a lot of us. But, there’s always someone there to brighten up your day, and sometimes even your life entirely. It seemed like this woman’s life was going to be brightened up not too long after she lost her husband.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Finding out About the Book

It wasn’t too long ago when this veterinarian lost her dear husband. Despite the fact that she had all of her family including her grand-children alongside her, she still couldn’t believe that this has happened to her. After all, grief is never an easy emotion to process, and she was evidently trying to do just that! She was continually trying to find distractions to take her mind away from the sad truth, just like any one of us would do. She turned to read after a while, and she ran across the book A Street Cat Named Bob – this book was based on a story about a ginger cat that helped the new owner pass through most of the obstacles in their life.

A New Friend

She was living in a house with her family, but one day she noticed something odd in the house. She saw that someone else found their way into her home… She looked at the intruder with awe and couldn’t believe that this has happened to her, especially after reading the book. Namely, the intruder that she found in her house was a ginger cat, just like she read in the book. The cat managed to pull a smile out of the veterinarian’s face, and the veterinarian thought that the cat was in need of a place to stay. And, she remembered to the story that she was reading, the vet decided to give the cat a new home, and she named the cat Bob. After housing him, and giving him food and water, she now needed to get Bob checked.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

A Unique Look

Despite the fact that she could notice that Bob’s face was severely damaged, she discovered that the cat made a full recovery. She thought that her new pet was at some point in time hit by a car, and his life on the street as a stray cat helped Bob heal. She noticed that his face was a bit weird, but she knew that he had made a full recovery after the car accident. And she knew that he wasn’t in any kind of pain. This just added to Bob’s unique look.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

She Loved Him

It looked as if this new relationship was meant to be. The vet had been troubled since the passing of her husband, however currently her grandchild commented concerning however they like to be around each other. In fact, the vet usually narrates what she is doing whereas Bob relaxes and watches his new friend from the comfort of his new home. It absolutely was a coincidence that was merely meant to be.

There are times in our lives when things tend to fall to their place. In this story, Bob neede his new home, and the veterinarian needed her new friend after her husband passed away. Now they have each other and can improve both their lives!

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