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For Years This Woman Suspiciously Paid Cash For Everything, Now We Know Why


A woman called Anna Delvey was someone everyone in the socialite scene of New York used to know. If you were to ask where Anna actually came from, you would have probably gotten different answers. She frequently made an appearance in Soho socialite scene and basically everywhere where people were dreaming of going.

Her story is quite remarkable. Keep reading to see why she paid cash for everything.

The ‘Rich’ Look


You could easily tell Anna was wealthy just by looking at her. It also showed in the way she behaved around others. Delvey acted as she was capable of doing whatever she wanted whenever she pleased. This was probably the biggest reason why people didn’t realize sooner what was Anna really trying to do.

A Secretive Wealthy Woman

This woman didn’t have a permanent home address. Instead, Anna would constantly switch hotels and leave the country when it was time to restart her tourist visa. She quickly gained a reputation when one day she visited a new boutique Soho hotel which was located at 11 Howard Street.

Credits: The Independent

People who knew Anna said she would always manage to be somewhere at the right time. She had connections everywhere she went which was the reason why the Soho hotel didn’t even ask Delvey for a credit card. The people who knew her were constantly trying to help Anna reach her goal, but unfortunately, what they didn’t realize was that eventually all of this would lead to one big downfall.

The Rich Life

Anna’s life used to be the dream of many. She was very rich and giving out $100 tips meant nothing to her. The celebrity life looked good on Anna. She was always wearing costly designer clothes every time she was in public. When Anna arrived at 11 Howard, she quickly and effortlessly made a new friend – a young woman called Neffatari Davis or Neff, who was a concierge at the Soho hotel.


Neff was curious about Anna Delvey. This woman was going to stay at the hotel for an entire month, which is quite a long time and usually, only well-known celebrities did that. Neff would always find a $100 tip at the concierge desk each time Anna made an appearance.

An Awesome Opportunity

Neff felt like this young woman was fitting the perfect profile of a Soho socialite and decided to become as close to Anna as possible for her own benefit. Anna Delvey’s connections could help Neff to progress in her career as a budding cinematographer.

Delvey would often make her way to the hotel’s front desk and ask for restaurant recommendations or places to visit. However, after some time, it was quite obvious she already knew all the hot spots in the area. Anna even got acquainted with the waiters, bartenders, and even the hotel’s owners. So what was the real reason behind her frequent visits to the desk? Was she trying to befriend Neff?

A New Friend

Neff soon realized that Anna wasn’t coming to the desk in hopes of learning new information on local restaurants. It became quite clear to Neff that this was just an excuse for Anna to have a chat with her. Anna wanted a new friend who worked at the hotel, and soon her wish became a reality. The girls quickly became friends, and this brought a lot of trouble…

Credits: Instagram

“You just sit there and listen, because that’s your concierge life,” shared Neff. The young woman was used to interacting with hundreds of guests daily, as it was a part of her job. Chatting and hanging out with guests outside of her shift hours was not something Neff was used to, though Anna was the first guest at the hotel who ended up becoming Neff’s close friend. Shortly after their first meeting, the two young women started going out to eat and party together.

Great Tips

Anna was very generous towards the 11 Howard hotel’s staff and would often give $100 tips. She quickly gained a reputation as being one of the best tippers at the hotel. “People would fight to take her packages upstairs,” said Neff. Fight, because you knew you were getting $100.”

Credits: A Hotel Life

Anna Delvey never seemed to run out of her $100 bills. She always had enough cash on her to cover everything. Delvey never used any other paying method other than her never-ending $100 bills. Nobody knew where her money was coming from and nor they ever asked her about it.

A Lavish Vacation?

“She gave to everyone,” said Neff. “Uber drivers, $100 cash. Meals — listen. You know how you reach for your credit card? She wouldn’t let me.” It turns out; this rich woman even hired a personal trainer for herself who was also a life coach at the same time at a price of “only” $4,500. This sum of money was only a small expense for Anna, not a big deal at all.

Credits: Instagram

Anna’s spending behavior clearly showed that she was a very wealthy young lady. She also had a European accent, and people assumed she was born into a wealthy European family and was going to inherit millions of dollars. Delvey was like a spoiled young princess, who decided to take a long luxurious vacation on the other side of the world.

Famous Friends

Besides becoming friends with Neff Davis, Anna also began hosting and organizing dinners for associates and herself at a local expensive French restaurant-Le Coucou. The guests were mainly athletes, artists, celebrities, and CEOs.

Credits: Instagram

Anna would always invite her new best friend Neff to attend the dinners with her, and of course, Neff gladly took this opportunity. Once Neff even got the chance to sit next to Macaulay Culkin. The young woman described it as a quite awkward experience, “I had so many questions. And he was right there. But they were talking about, like, friend stuff. So I never got the chance to be like, ‘So, you the godfather to Michael Jackson’s kids?’”

Anna’s Ways With People

The young woman had a secret power. She knew how to persuade other people and do it the right way. Others would always fall for it. While her looks were rather typical and average, her charisma allowed her to get her way with people. Every single time.

Credits: Instagram

One man whom Anna met at Paris Fashion Week said that she was friendly and polite. One moment she was introducing herself and the next she was already having a good time chatting with his friends. Anna had a great advantage. She was an extrovert, a people’s person.

At The Right Place At The Right Time

“She managed to be in all the sort of right places.” She showed up to a Berlin party on a private jet wearing the fanciest of clothing. No one knew where her wealth came from, though,” shared those who personally knew Anna Delvey.

Credits: Instagram

There are so many trust-fund kids running around. Everyone is your best friend, and you don’t know a thing about anyone,” stated a marketing director Saleh. Unfortunately, as everyone soon figured out, Anna was the opposite of a sweet wealthy girl. She was someone you didn’t want to know.

Michael Xufu Huang

Michael was a prosperous museum founder and an art collector, who unfortunately met Anna Delvey at one of the art shows. They immediately clicked. The bond between the two was strong enough for them to go on a trip to Italy together and celebrate the Venice Biennale.


Credits: Instagram

Michael thought it was a little strange when Anna asked him to use his credit card for their hotel and flight. Of course, Delvey told Michael she was going to pay him back later. At the time Michael didn’t think it was a big deal as for him it wasn’t a lot of money, to begin with. Was Anna ever going to pay Michael back?


Michael thought it was weird that Anna would pay for everything in cash on their trip. Though it was a little unusual, there was nothing particularly wrong with using cash. When the trip ended, it was time for Anna to pay her friend back…

Credits: Instagram

Anna Delvey appeared to forget about all of her money…Michael, at the time, didn’t think much of it as he was familiar with the behavior of rich. When you are very wealthy, it is acceptable to sometimes forget about money issues. Soon, Michael forgot about the fact Anna owed him as well.

A Birthday Celebration

That year, Anna decided to throw herself a fancy memorable birthday celebration. She even hired a PR firm to make sure her party turns out tremendous with tons of guests being present. Of course, she didn’t forget to invite her rich travel buddy Michael.

Credits: Instagram

The birthday party was excellent, everything went smoothly, and Anna’s guests had a great time. Then, something unexpected happened…A few days after the party, Michael got a text message asking for Anna’s contact information, because, turns out, Anna didn’t pay the bill. This is when Michael finally realized, this young woman isn’t who he thought she was after all.

Different Theories

So who was this woman? And where did Anna really come from? People started wondering and coming up with their theories about this suspicious young female. Soon, there were so many different theories regarding Anna’s story and her origin that it was impossible to find out the truth.

Credits: Instagram

One of her friends said Anna’s dad was a Russian diplomat and she had a lot of “family money” to throw around. Another friend of Anna heard that her father was an oil-industry titan. But what was the truth? How come Anna had so much money but only used cash to pay for her expenses?

More Assumptions

Another friend of Delvey suggested her family had to do something with the big antiques in Germany and that’s why she was so rich. Nevertheless, all of those assumptions were wrong. This young “wealthy” woman called Anna Delvey (this wasn’t even her real name) would really shock everyone in the end.

Credits: Instagram

Anna didn’t seem to mind at all that everyone was making up different theories about her. Actually, she was fascinated by all of the attention she suddenly started receiving. The more people wondered who she was and where she came from, the more motivation Anna had to reach her goal. Nothing was going to stop Delvey from fulfilling her dream.

Anna’s Goal

This woman had in mind one particular dream of founding The Anna Delvey Foundation – an exclusive club featuring art. In short, it would be called just ADF. She was very serious about establishing her venture and even hired Marc Kremers, who is a creative director based in London.

Credits: Instagram

Marc was going to help her with the branding part of her business. Anna was picky about the club’s location and spent some time checking out different spots in the area. Then, finally, she found the perfect location for her new club. The chosen spot was 281 Park Avenue South. Though there was only one problem…Anna had to redevelop it fully and needed to obtain millions of dollars in loans for that. Luckily, Delvey had connections and soon found someone who could help her out with her business plan.


Anna wrote an email to her financial partner who agreed to help her with the purchase and said that the loan was necessary in her case because “all of her personal assets are quite substantial and located outside of the United States, some of them in trust with UBS outside of the US.”


The woman promised her financial partner she had enough money to pay back. Another empty promise Anna made was not to embarrass the firm. Unfortunately, it turned out she couldn’t keep any promises after all. Delvey was stubborn and continued trying to buy her dream location.

Martin Shkreli

As time went by, the financial concerns kept growing, but Anna didn’t want to give up on her dream. She decided to start inviting more wealthy guests to her dinner events and even fundraising to achieve the needed sum of money. Mart Shkreli was one of the many wealthy guests who attended Anna’s dinners, also known as an infamous “pharma bro.” He was harshly criticized when the company he owned increased the price of a vital medication from $13 up to $750. He is currently in prison serving his time for security fraud.

Credits: LA Times

“Anna did seem to be a popular ‘woman about town’ who knew everyone. Even though I was nationally known, I felt like a computer geek next to her,” Martin shared. She also managed to learn a couple of strategies from Shkreli with the intention of revenge.

So It Begins

Delvey was unstoppable and wasn’t planning to give up on her idea no matter what. She was always on the phone with lawyers. They were always toning her down. Like, ‘Anna, you’re trying to make something that’s worth this much be worth that much, and that’s just not how it works,” said Neff who would often hear Anna arguing.

Credits: Instagram

Neff realized Anna was having money problems when one day she invited her for dinner but couldn’t pay the bill at all. Anna desperately tried paying with 12 different credit cards, but not even one of them worked. From then on, everything started going downhill for Delvey.

More Serious Money Problems

This was the first of many times when Anna was unable to pay for her expenses. In fact, she still hadn’t covered her stay at the hotel whose staff never even asked for a credit card.

Credits: Instagram

Despite the suspicious behavior of this young lady, the hotel she was staying at continued to treat her as a valued client of the owner – a German heiress. But as Anna was trying to purchase the location the owner owned at that time, the hotel and Delvey made a deal for her to make a wire transfer for payment. However, after more than a month, she still didn’t send the hotel the payment.

A Delicate Confrontation

After waiting a full month and a half for the payment, the owner asked Neff to politely talk to Anna about it considering the girls were good friends. The owner didn’t want to make a big deal out of it after all since they were on good terms then. By that time, Anna Delvey owned a whopping amount of $30,000! Despite everything, Neff still believed Anna had her money issues under control and went to have a little chat about it.

Credits: Instagram

Delvey made another empty promise. She said the payment was on its way from her bank. What she didn’t mention to her friend was the fact that she was having a lot of financial problems and there was no way she could cover the hotel bill. Everything was falling apart for Delvey, but then the unexpected happened…

Payment Received

Finally, the hotel where Delvey was staying received a wire transfer on her behalf in the amount of exactly $30,000. Things seemed to be back on track for Anna Delvey. Sadly, this was nothing more than temporary relief. She was about to discover something very unpleasant…

Credits: Instagram

Anna never provided the hotel with a valid credit card number for her room, not even after the payment issue. One day the hotel management decided it was enough and asked Anna to give them a working credit card number immediately. In case she ignored the demand, the hotel management said the code on her room would be changed right away.

The Awakening

Anna Delvey ignored the hotel’s demand and shortly after the code for her room was changed as promised. She was so angry and shocked at the same time. Anna certainly didn’t expect the hotel’s staff would actually do that to her. She was being treated like an ordinary guest. That was the time Anna used one of the tricks she picked up from Martin.

Credits: Instagram

She threatened the hotel management to buy web domains under their names and that they would have to pay her if they wanted to get them back. Soon after her nasty threat, Anna went on a vacation to Morocco with a videographer Rachel Williams and her personal trainer, who remained unnamed.

In Morocco

Anna’s trip to Morroco didn’t go as smooth as she expected. During their vacation, her personal trainer got food poisoning and had to return to the US earlier than planned. Just a couple of days after the personal trainer’s return back home, Delvey called her trainer with the sad news. Her credit card wasn’t working…

Credits: Vanity Fair

The hotel’s manager said he would call the police and have Anna arrested if she didn’t pay. Delvey had no choice but to beg her personal trainer to use her credit card with the promise of paying back after. To everyone’s surprise, her trainer’s credit card didn’t work either. For some time the hotel’s manager thought that possibly the issue was on their end since two different credits cards weren’t going through.

On The Streets

When Delvey came back to the US, she changed hotels, but the same thing happened again. Anna couldn’t give the hotel a valid credit card to cover her bill of $11,518. Soon she was kicked out from the other hotel, and her personal belongings were taken away. Anna was now living on the streets of New York, going from wealthy to homeless in a matter of months.

Credits: Instagram

Anna managed to pull her trick on another hotel one more time. This time it only worked for a few days before she got kicked out again. The young woman was desperate and didn’t know what else to do but to ask her personal trainer to sleep at her home. The trainer didn’t want Anna at her place, but when she started making suicide threats, she felt like it was an emergency situation. She let Anna spend the night at her home despite having a date over at her place too.


How did Anna Delvey pay for the luxury hotel in Morocco? Well, she didn’t. Rachel Williams was the one who had to cover the costs with her American Express card. The bill she had to pay was $62,000… That was more than she makes in an entire year!

Credits: Instagram

After the trainer found out Anna scammed her friend, she was utterly furious! It appeared to be she didn’t know who Anna Delvey was after all…This heartless woman was scamming everyone and leaving a huge mess behind.

Kicked Out Again

As soon as the trainer found out what the “German heiress” was really up to all this time, she told Delvey to leave her place instantly. Anna tried to pull the trick of leaving her laptop at the trainer’s home so she could return and hopefully stay there again. The woman didn’t care about it and brought Anna’s laptop to the front desk for her to pick it up.

Credits: Instagram

Anna Delvey wasn’t about to give up so easily. Instead of coming back only to get her laptop and leave, she continued roaming around the lobby and demanding to see her personal trainer. The trainer was home at the time, but she obviously didn’t want to let Anna in or even see her after what she had done. From then on, everything only kept getting worse for Anna Delvey.

The Consequences

Shortly after getting kicked out from her trainer’s place, Anna couldn’t find any other hotel in the city that would let her stay as she had no money on her. Delvey even tried asking her lawyer if she could spend the night at his place. The lawyer, of course, refused to let her into his home.


In the meantime, Anna’s lawyer contacted the personal trainer who also didn’t allow Delvey to stay at her home. However, she invited Anna Delvey to a nearby restaurant for a meeting that turned out to be an intervention. When Anna arrived, she saw all of the people whom she owed money to including her personal trainer.

The Payback

The confrontation she received was harsh, but she surely deserved it after scamming all of those people and leaving them thousands of dollars short. Those individuals were once her friends and colleagues who now hated Anna and wanted absolutely nothing to do with her but to receive their money back. Delvey proceeded to cry at some point during the intervention saying she will pay them all back once her lease gets signed.

Credits: Instagram

Then Delvey received some sad news from them. The location she wanted to purchase so badly for her company got rented to another individual. She refused to believe the news calling them “fake.” Then, something even worse occurred.

The Aftermath

During this time, Anna Delvey was in headings of many articles in which she was referred to as a “wannabe socialite.” Delvey was devastated by this news and proceeded to cry and claim that everyone was spreading lies about her.


Delvey continued telling everybody she had enough funds to pay them back and was having small financial troubles at the moment. However, Rachel Williams wasn’t convinced by what Anna was claiming and sent an email to the New York District Attorney’s Office. In the email, Rachel mentioned one of the articles about Anna and said, “I think this woman is a con-artist.” Soon after sending the email, Williams got a call saying, “we think you’re right.”

The Arrest

Soon, Anna was arrested for the first time for not paying her colossal hotel bills. Her initials made it to the newspapers’ headlines as “WANNABE SOCIALITE BUSTED FOR SKIPPING OUT ON PRICEY HOTEL BILLS.” Delvey quickly found herself yet another lawyer and was released on bail. After, things went back to normal for Anna. But not for long…

Credits: Vanity Fair

Somehow Anna Delvey came up with enough money to take herself on a trip to California only to get arrested there again. After her arrest in Malibu, Delvey had to come back to New York “to face six counts of grand larceny and attempted grand larceny, in addition to theft of services.”

The Real Truth

This time, Anna Delvey got sent to Rikers Island jail and was prohibited from bailing herself out. Right now, Anna is facing up to 15 years in prison and awaiting trial. Her real name wasn’t Anna Delvey, and she was nowhere close to being a German heiress. The woman was born in Russia in 1991, and her real name is Anna Sorokin. In 2007, her family, however, did move to Germany.

Credits: Vanity Fair

Anna was born into a working-class family and wasn’t a German heiress. When her family was asked about the existence of a trust fund, they said there was no such thing, and it was the first time they ever heard about it. So the trust fund never even existed, to begin with.

Not Giving Up

Despite being arrested, Anna is still trying to talk her way out of paying for her actions and serving prison time. She even tried to get the judge to agree to her plea deal of one to three years of prison time, which of course, the judge didn’t accept.


The judge did, however, offered Anna a counter deal of three to nine years of prison time but Sorokin immediately turned it down. She said she is going to trial, but chances are, Anna will regret this decision very soon.

No Remorse At All

Judge Justice Diane Kiesel said that Anna showed “no remorse” for her evil actions whatsoever. Her plea offer of one to three years of prison time is just “a slap on the wrist.”


It sure looks like the judges of her case are not on her side. But who would be? Anna is going to pay for her actions and could easily end up receiving all 15 years of imprisonment after all.

A Netflix Update

The one good outcome from this rather crazy situation is a new Netflix show which will be based on Anna’s life. One of the judges had revealed that Anna is more worried about who is going to play her role on the show than paying for her crimes. Crazy, right?

Credits: Page Six

According to Anna, the Rikers is not that bad at all. “People seem to think it’s horrible, but I see it as like, this sociological experiment,” Sorokin said. Even Anna’s criminal defense lawyer admitted that she is doing pretty well in jail.

A Psychological Experiment

Anna has a rather unusual attitude and finds prison very interesting. Her lawyer said, “She is like a unicorn in there. She has reportedly made lots of friends in prison and finds the murderers the most fascinating of all the inmates. She takes pleasure in studying the inmates surrounding her.”

Credits: Instagram

“This one girl, she’s been stealing other people’s identities. I didn’t realize it was so easy,” Anna shared. It seems like Sorokin doesn’t feel guilty at all for all of the harm she had done and thinks prison is an excellent opportunity to meet new people. Who knows, maybe Anna is using her time to learn more horrible tricks to use later on in life…

Park Avenue South

So what happened to Anna’s dream? The location which she was so desperately trying to get signed was leased to someone else in July. Fotografiska, a Swedish photography organization is now located at the 281 Park Avenue South. What does Anna think about that?

Credits: Wall Street Journal

Even after causing so much harm to so many people, scamming her friends and acting absolutely insane, Sorokin still dares to talk about the future opening of her foundation! She refers to it as an “arts-focused members club,” and according to her, it will open in the future. The woman did admit that there were some things  she might have done wrong, but it “doesn’t diminish the hundred things” she “did right.” How exactly did she manage to scam so many people?

Anna’s “Smart” Ways

The expert’s opinion is that Sorokin supposedly scammed many banks, hotels, and individuals for an approximate amount of $275,000. Anna received loans from various banks by using fake documents which “proved” that Sorokin had millions of dollars in her European bank account.

Credits: Instagram

Besides taking out numerous bank loans, Anna also took out lines of credit, which she couldn’t afford to pay back. There could be a possibility Anna was eventually going to pay everything back after her business starts making a profit, but even the thought of all of this sounds insane…

One Crazy Plan

We must admit, while everything that Anna had done is utterly wrong, her whole plan was quite amusing. She experienced a real luxury lifestyle from all of the loans, lines of credits, false documents and her friends’ money. Even though it was a short journey, it did work for some time.

Credits: Instagram

Despite all of the effort Anna put in her crazy plan, she eventually got caught red-handed. Perhaps if her business plan went through and made a profit, she would have been able to get away with her crimes and become a real socialite she was hoping to become.

Anna’s Mail Address

Apparently, Anna’s Instagram account is still active, and some new posts were uploaded. Is she using her Instagram in Rikers Island jail? Probably not, but her photos are indeed impressive. Sorokin loves all of the attention, and her dream of being famous finally came true. Maybe not the way she wanted to, but now a lot of people know who she is.


Anna wants others to write her on this address. However, visiting Anna in person is not going to be possible in the nearest future. Who knows, maybe this address is not even Sorokin’s but another person’s pretending to be her. Be careful if you plan on sending a lovely letter to this young lady!


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