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Three Times That The Smallest Acts Of Kindness Made The Biggest Difference


Our lives are becoming more and more mundane and centered on ourselves, not thinking about other people. We oftentimes find ourselves waking up, eating, and heading to work or school not thinking about other people and being stuck in this loop of living our mundane lives.

Most people don’t think of how a small act of kindness could change somebody’s life, and that’s precisely what it takes in order to make a significant difference in other people’s lives.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

“A Shoulder to Cry on”

When we’re moving into a new town, it’s oftentimes hard to find new friends. But, Carol Gee, who was living in her new city for only six months, got the chance in the weirdest circumstances. Namely, when her husband was rushed to the hospital as a result of a heart attack, she was feeling alone and scared of how life could turn out for her. She didn’t have any friends there, and she was counting the days until her husband would be released and fully recovered. But, an unexpected person appeared at that same moment. She couldn’t believe that her boss visited her, and not only that, because of her previous experience as physician Carol’s boss wanted to make sure that Carol had someone beside her, and she even went as far to explain the medical results to her.

Prom Night

Prom nights are a really important night for a lot of high-school students. Jessica Melore was pretty excited for her prom night and she fully prepared bought clothes and did everything, every other girl does before their prom. But, an unexpected heart attack interfered with her plans. Namely, she suffered from a heart attack because of which she lost her leg, and got an electric heart pump. But, the doctors managed to help her in time before the prom, and everything was looking fine, she was recovering perfectly in time to get in shape for the prom night, and in the meantime, she was waiting for a heart transplant. But, life got in the way once again. She had a new problem before prom night. She needed to be rushed to the hospital a couple of days before the prom. She couldn’t go on her nail appointment, but there was one nurse at the hospital that wanted to help her, and she got to work quickly. In a matter of hours, Jessica had a French manicure, and she was happy to go to the dance.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Siblings Should be There for Each other.

We hear about business partners breaking up partnerships each and every day. That’s what happened in James Marshal’s case. But, the problem here was the fact that the relationship between the two partners was more than strictly professional. Namely, James’ partner was none other than his brother. And, once things started heating up between the two, and they ran into more and more conflicts, James decided that he needed to resign from the company. But, he did that without giving his brother any time to find a replacement for him. James quickly discovered that life without work is hard. And he quickly found himself without any money for oil to heat his home. But, his brother came to the rescue giving him a full tank of oil in order to keep his home warm without James even knowing about it. This story reminds us that siblings should always be around for each other.

These three acts of kindness might seem as small ones in the grand scheme of events. But, the people involved know that these small acts of kindness made their lives much happier and joyful. The thing that we should learn from these stories is, no matter how great the good deed is, it always will make another’s life better!


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