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Travel Tips and Tricks – How to Travel for Free?


We all want to travel around the world, visit new cities, countries, and hang out with the local people, experiencing the culture. What if, there is a way to travel the world for free or something close to that. You might say it is non-existent or just a lie, but there are ways and websites you can visit to see for yourself. You can achieve this by getting a job or some kind of volunteer position anywhere in the world. Some of the jobs that you will see on the sites, it is necessary for you to have some sort of education or previous experience. But, most of them just are open to everyone who just wants to go abroad.

Some of the job offerings will pay for your trip there, some of them will pay for your stay there. And if you are lucky someone will even pay for everything. These kinds of jobs exist all around the world. So just go pick whatever country comes to mind first and surly there are opportunities and job applications that can get you there for free and start working to earn a decent amount of money. If you are not picky about where you want to go and work, some of the best opportunities come from the countries that won’t come to your mind at all. So when you pick the place you want to go, it smart to learn about it first a bit, the language, some of the culture, so when you get there, you will be able to fit in easier. And when you hang out with the locals, you will feel more comfortable around them.

How to Find Free Accommodations

One of the jobs, or two, that is the most widespread around the world, where you can get free accommodations are house-siting and pet-sitting. House-siting is basically when the owner is away, for his job or on holiday, and you stay at their home while they are away. Pet-sitting can be a part of that. Because the owners may have pets at home and while you are keeping the house clean and some other minor maintenances, you will be asked to keep the pet company, feed him, give him water, take him on walks and other things that the owner will ask you to do. On top of the free-living accommodations, you get paid, and if that isn’t a win-win situation, I don’t know what is. Some of the more popular sites that have these kinds of jobs listed are Trusted Housesitters, Mind My House, and Nomador.

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Travel and Work at the Same Time

Another job that is really popular with young people who want to travel and work at the same time is getting a job at a cruise ship. If you get a job at a cruise ship you get free living spaces, food and you get to travel the world. Some positions that you can apply for at a cruise ship are bartender, maid, babysitter, entertainer, firefighter, working at a shop, fitness instructor, and dozen more. Some cruise ships let you apply online, and those are Royale Caribbean, Disney, Holland America, Princess, and many more.

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Bet you Didn’t Think of This One!

Teaching English is another way you can travel to different countries and get free housing and a salary for your classes. In some states you won’t even need experience or a college degree to teach English, some sort of certification can be asked to be shown, but also in some countries, you can only be a native speaker to get the job. The countries that you can go to teach English are China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, most of the Arab States, and others. There you will find thousands of opportunities in every country to start teaching. TeachAway and TIE Online are the biggest websites to go and apply for a teaching job at one of the countries mentioned earlier.

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One of the Less Popular ones

Not that popular, yet still available for everyone are jobs that want you to work on a farm. WWOOF is a service that links you with farmers and growers around the world, and you can go to work on the farm and get free housing. Europe, Asia, and South America are the destinations that have these particular job offerings.

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An International Nanny

Working as an international nanny is also on the list of jobs where you get to go to work and live abroad. An international nanny or Au Pair, you will be housed with a family and will be required to take care of children and have some chores around the house. This is also an excellent opportunity to fit in with the locals of that particular country where you will get the job and also get paid really well. GoOverseas is the best site you can go to, to find job offering and applications from around the world. Offers for this job are mostly from Sweden, France, Switzerland, New Zealand, Spain, and Italy.

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Website for Free Accommodations

For travelers, there is a website, in which you can find people who are offering free housing and giving you the opportunity to stay at their home on their couch. Couchsurfing is a website where you can find people offering you to sleep on their couch for free. So if you can’t find a room or you can’t book or afford a hotel for the night, hop on to Couchsurfing to find yourself a free couch.

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