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Twin nurses help deliver identical twin baby girls


At Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center, in Athens, Georgia, two nurses who are identical twins, Tori Howard and her sister Tara Drunkard, help deliver a set of identical twins. In the delivery room, it was an unusual situation when doctors told them that the mother is also giving birth to two identical twin girls, Addison and Emma Williams.

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Tori, who works in the intensive care unit and her sister who works as a nurse in the labor and delivery rooms, found out minutes before they were called to help with the birth of the two identical twin girls. Tori has said that when the mother needs to have a C-section, the labor and delivery staff also needs a NICU nurse because that form of birth is riskier. Throughout the whole process, she was just happy that she got to work with her sister and never really occur to her that two setoff identical twins help gave birth to a set of identical twins.

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The birth of the identical twins went without any problems. They were born three minutes apart, gave to the mother so she could see them, and then brought to the NICU. Brandon Williams, the father of the babies, said that it was neat that Tara took care of Becca, the mother of the babies, in the labor and delivery room, and Tori took care of her in the intensive care unit.

Twins Celebrate 1st Delivery of Twins

When identical twins Addison and Emily Williams were born, they were part of a 1st ever experience for 2 of their nurses.Tara works in labor and delivery. Tori works in the NICU.They are identical twins.They've been nurses for 5 years. The Williams twin's birth was first time they've helped with a delivery, together. Dad, Brannan Williams, said, "3 mminutes before the C-Section I found out identical twins would be care for us as we had our identical twins daughters." He laughed, "What a cool experience having them in there and asking them questions." And how special that the twins got to help with the newborn twins…in the same hospital where the nurses were born -Piedmont Athens Reg. Medical Center. Congratulations to all! Piedmont Healthcare Piedmont Athens Regional NICU Alumni, Nurses & Doctors (Athens, GA) Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center 11Alive

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Becca has said that it is an amusing story to tell and that she will pass it on to her two identical girls when they grow up.

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