Twins Born With Different Skin Color. 18 Years Later, They Look So Different


With three kids already at home, Vince and Donna Aylmer had accomplished what most budding couples in the world aspire to do. Together, Vince, a 55-year-old scaffolder by profession, and Donna, a 49-year-old worker in a warehouse, had already started a family and were busy handling the stresses of life: namely balancing professional and personal time while trying to be the best parents for their kids. Living in Gloucester, England, the two did the best that they could and loved each other and their family dearly. Hence, the idea of having another addition to the family simply thrilled the couple. What they didn’t expect was that they would have gotten more than they had bargained for. The biggest shock of all is the surprise that waited for them 18 years later.

What Was Supposed To Have Been A Simple Routine Checkup


Excited at the possibility of adding another member to their family, Vince and Donna Aylmer went to their family doctor to have Donna’s checkup and ultrasound. They wanted to know whether their suspicions were correct: was Donna pregnant? If she were, that would mean that in about a year, they will have 4 children as they had already had three children together. Unsurprisingly, Vince and Donna were nervous but excited at the same time. Having gone through the process three times before, the couple already had some experience with ultrasounds and checkups so they had a fair feeling of what to expect. However, when the doctors came back with the results, they were stupified when they learned what was expected to happen.

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