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U.S. WWII vet and French woman reunite 75 years after falling in love


Love stories are always a great topic to read first thing in the morning. In fact, love stories are great to read along the whole day, so today we decided to speak about the love story that took more than 70 years to start. This shows that sooner or later, loves always finds a way!

Yes, I know, that’s not how the quote goes. But, I decided to modify the quote and twist it a bit for my means, and hey, it worked, didn’t it? There isn’t, and logic included when love takes place, reason, and law are also eliminated. Over the time we’ve spent on this planet, there have been countless stories that show the true meaning of love, and today, we’re going to speak about one that we think might be up there with the best ones.

In today’s story, we’re going to talk about an old American veteran that has turned 98 this year and a French woman that he fell in love back in World War Two. And, after nearly a lifetime they managed to see each other again and speak up about the feelings that they had back then. Get a box of tissues ready, and this is going to be an emotional one!

Image Source: Youtube / Inside Edition

This emotional scene happened during the seventy-fifth anniversary of the D-Day operation. The television crews in France were all around K.T. Robbins and J. Pierson (Kara Troy Robbins and Jeannine Pierson), as they finally met again after nearly a lifetime separated. Can you believe it, the spark held for ¾ of a century!

And, their meeting touched lots of people’s hearts after they heard Robbins tell Pierson that he always loved her and that she is still in his heart and never escaped it!

After he poured his heart out to Pierson, Robbins took out a picture of her from his pocket that he apparently kept with him for more than 70 years.

Image Source: Youtube / Inside Edition

The two had their first meeting in what’s considered to be distant history, back in 1944. This happened when Robbins was deployed in north-east France for World War Two. He apparently fell in love immediately with a girl whose name was Jeannine, and unfortunately, their relationship had ended in only two months when Robbins had to be deployed to the eastern front.

After World War Two ended, Robbins got back to his home in America, and he started living his life, eventually marrying there. But, as he told Pierson, he never forgot about her, and she was always there, in his heart. He was hoping that they would get to meet each other again someday. And, that day was the 75th anniversary for the D-day.

This whole endeavor was a project by a French TV after they found the picture that he has been holding on for more than 70 years – the photo of Pierson.

Image Source: Youtube / Inside Edition

Robbins told the TV crew that he would love to go back to France and meet Pierson and her family. But, he still thought that he wouldn’t meet her because he believed that Pierson is dead now.

Lucky for Robbins, the French TV crew was persistent, and they managed to track down the lady. Of course, she was old now, but it was the same Pierson that Robbins fell in love all that time ago. She was now 92 years-old.

Pierson also felt the same for Robbins, and she even learned some English so that once Robbins came back, she could have a decent conversation with him.

But, this meeting was a short one, just like the one all those years ago. Robbins had to leave for Normandy, but here’s where it gets pretty emotional. Robbins yelled to Pierson that he loved her and that he would come back again in the future, and they separated again!

I think I have something in my eye after reading this story. And, as I said earlier, love will always find a way.

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