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Uncle left with third-degree burns after running into burning building to save 8-year-old girl


Sometimes family is all we have in this world, and there are times when our family needs our help in order to survive. This was the case with this man from Washington who is being hailed a hero, but why is that? This happened because as reports say, he stormed into a burning building in order to save his 8-year-old niece who was in the burning house at the time.

Reports further show that the 20-year-old man from Washington named Derrick Byrd got 2nd and 3rd degree burns once he found out that his niece is in the burning building and he rushed into the flames in order to save the little girl.

Image Source: ABC News

His Thoughts

In a TV interview, the twenty-year-old Derrick stated his thoughts before and after the whole ordeal. He said that despite the fact that he got burns all over his body he didn’t think about it at the moment, all he could think about when he found out that his niece is in the building was saving her. He ended the interview saying that he would rather get burnt again instead of her and that he would do this again without any hesitation.

How did it Start?

It is believed that the fire started in their home in Aberdeen, Washington while Derrick and six other members of his family were in the building. Derrick’s sister Kayla and her three children were also in the building at the time when the fire started.

Once they found out about it they tried escaping, Derrick caught Junior and Royce, his two nephews, who jumped off of the second floor of the building. But, the eight-year-old, Mercedes, was too afraid to jump after she saw Kayla fall from the roof.

Saving his Niece

Derrick knew that he didn’t have a lot of time, so without any hesitation, he rushed back in the burning building to save his niece. He could immediately feel the fire burning him on his back.

In the interview, he stated that once he was in the building, he could feel the fire burning him, but he didn’t think about that, because he had to act fast. So, once he found his niece, he took off his shirt and wrapped it around her mouth and her nose so that she didn’t breathe in any smoke.

A Hero Without a Cape

What makes Derrick even more heroic is the fact that he stated that he would do it over and over again despite the fact that he got the injuries and severe burns on his body. And, about all of the people who were dubbing him a hero he said that he didn’t think of himself as a hero, he just did what needed to be done to save his niece and nephews.

But, despite everything he said, we still think that Derrick Byrd is a hero without a cape. Those are the moments when you find out who truly cares about you, and Derrick surely showed that he cared a lot about his nephews and his niece. We wish him a fast recovery from the burns, and we are delighted to write about him!

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