Mysterious Photos That Will Make You Doubt Everything You Believe

We are all familiar with shots showing a mystery ghost, alien, or UFO creeping in the background of seemingly normal photos. Sure, the first thing to cross our minds when seeing something paranormal is photoshop as well, but a test can be easily run to determine the authenticity of such photos. Surprisingly, a huge number of them are genuine and have truly given us the creeps.

If you are brave enough, look through our compilation of the best mysterious photos we dug up using the internet and decide for yourself which ones have actually captured real paranormal activity and which ones are hoaxes perpetrated by people with too much time on their hands.

Forest Visitor

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One of the most viral photos out on the internet today, this black and white photo is more than meets the eye. Apparently these three friends (apparently in their teens), thought it interesting to take a picture in an empty, low lit, forest filled with fog.

What they didn’t realize was the figure standing behind them in the picture. It wasn’t until after they took the photo and made their way to look at the picture that they realized that they weren’t alone. With creepy photos, there are always opinions on validity, and unfortunately, because no one is able to disprove this occurrence, the ambiguity of its origin adds to the creep factor. Hopefully they didn’t have any vivid nightmares after the fact!

Time Travel?

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Now looking at this image we can take a wild guess that this was close to the WWII period. With the way the males and females are dressed in this photo, and even the craftmanship of the automobiles, you can that this is a time period deserving of the black and white photo quality.

Apparently, the authenticity of this photo has been proven, and it’s said to have been taken in BC, Canada during the 40s. The farfetched element to this image is the man with the sunglasses, modern-style haircut, and T-shirt with a logo.

His attire is clearly out of place in this image, and his being there suggests the possibility of time-travel. That being said, it’s also odd that no one seems to notice him at all. Perhaps the camera can pick him up, but others can’t?

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