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Mysterious Photos That Will Make You Doubt Everything You Believe


We are all familiar with shots showing a mystery ghost, alien, or UFO creeping in the background of seemingly normal photos. Sure, the first thing to cross our minds when seeing something paranormal is photoshop as well, but a test can be easily run to determine the authenticity of such photos. Surprisingly, a huge number of them are genuine and have truly given us the creeps.

If you are brave enough, look through our compilation of the best mysterious photos we dug up using the internet and decide for yourself which ones have actually captured real paranormal activity and which ones are hoaxes perpetrated by people with too much time on their hands.

Forest Visitor

Image credit:

One of the most viral photos out on the internet today, this black and white photo is more than meets the eye. Apparently these three friends (apparently in their teens), thought it interesting to take a picture in an empty, low lit, forest filled with fog.

What they didn’t realize was the figure standing behind them in the picture. It wasn’t until after they took the photo and made their way to look at the picture that they realized that they weren’t alone. With creepy photos, there are always opinions on validity, and unfortunately, because no one is able to disprove this occurrence, the ambiguity of its origin adds to the creep factor. Hopefully they didn’t have any vivid nightmares after the fact!

Time Travel?

Image credit:

Now looking at this image we can take a wild guess that this was close to the WWII period. With the way the males and females are dressed in this photo, and even the craftmanship of the automobiles, you can that this is a time period deserving of the black and white photo quality.

Apparently, the authenticity of this photo has been proven, and it’s said to have been taken in BC, Canada during the 40s. The farfetched element to this image is the man with the sunglasses, modern-style haircut, and T-shirt with a logo.

His attire is clearly out of place in this image, and his being there suggests the possibility of time-travel. That being said, it’s also odd that no one seems to notice him at all. Perhaps the camera can pick him up, but others can’t?

Alien Lifeform

Image credit:

Next, we see an image of a few kids looking towards something as their photo is being taken. This photo was taken in Brazil, during the holiday season within the rainforest of the Amazon. If you look closely at the image, you’ll see that an uninvited guest has photobombed the picture.

Zoomed in, it looks like it is an alien or extra-terrestrial creature. The shape of its body alone wouldn’t say much, but the placement of its seeing devices (eyes) would be similar to popular images on television which depict what producers feel aliens should look like.

Perhaps it isn’t based simply on feeling alone, but on real experiences? An opinion circling around this image is that farmers placed that there, possibly to scare animals away from their crops. Contextually, this doesn’t make sense, this is the middle of the Amazon rain forest, not a plain, workable for crops.

Jim Morrison

Image credit:

One of the many marked events to occur in the 1970’s was the passing of Jim Morrison. It was indeed a sad time for many of his fans. Buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery, one of his fans decided to take a picture as a piece of memorabilia to take home with him.

Upon closer inspection of the image, we see a faded figure in the background between to grave stones. This figure is said to resemble the late Jim Morrison, because it seems to be doing a pose made famous by this late celebrity. What is unknown is whether this image is a hoax created by the fan, or if it is a genuine ‘after-image’ of the legend, Jim Morrison.

Man on the Edge

Image credit:

This image is definitely different from the ones highlighted earlier. Firstly, we see a man standing on the edge of what seems to be a very high cliff. Secondly, we see a person standing in the bushes, looking at the camera as well (unbeknownst to the man on the edge).

Though this isn’t a ghost or extra-terrestrial being, his/her hooded demeanor makes me question whether our ‘man on the edge’, made it back home in one piece. What we should also consider is whether the individual holding the camera noticed the mysterious figure. It definitely would have been an interesting story to see how this played out after said photograph was taken.

Babushka Lady

Image credit:

The creepy feature about this photo is not because she is hiding, or of otherworldly origin, it has to do more with what she was doing during the events of her time. This photo was taken directly after late president John F. Kennedy, was assassinated.

The creepy (borderline criminal) aspect about this photo is that the lady who is color-emphasized, was believed (by the FBI) to be documenting the entire event as it occurred. What makes matters worse is that to this day, they were not able to find her, nor identify her connection to this painful death. How can someone present at the ‘shot heard around the world’ be so elusive? Perhaps she was a real-life apparition, who knows!

Creepy Hallway

Image credit:

At first glance we see a picture which captures the emptiness of a creepy hallway. After brightening the image, we see that there seems to be a figure standing right at the center of the hallway. Now some may chock this up as teens having fun and creating a paranormal experience by messing with the lights/brightness of the photograph. However, until that can be proven with concrete evidence, we’ll just leave your imagination to decide whether this is authentic. Please note, that it is highly unlikely for anyone to take random pictures of a dark hallway without a good reason. Perhaps they did see a ghost and wanted to capture it as proof.

Doll or Ghost?

Image credit:

This a great photo of a parent expressing love to their child. Before we even mentioned the circled figure, your first question might be “What’s so creepy about an older sister looking at her sibling receive affection?” Well, we should first note that, the parents had explained that they had only one child at the time of the photograph. So, who is that girl, and why is she staring at them with such intent? Well some may say that it is just a life-sized doll, sitting on the table, but why purchase a doll so large, when the baby isn’t ready to play with toys that big? It may seem like a weak conjecture; however, we must consider two elements. 1, the parents emphasized that they only had ONE child, and 2, that there’d be no reason for this emphasis unless they thought something was off about this photograph. Once again, we’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Egyptian Martians

Image credit:

The image above illustrates an image of Mars after the Viking orbiter went there for a mission in 1976. The reason for its going there was to explore whether life existed on the planet. To everyone’s surprise, there were odd rock formations found on the planet. The enhanced image shows what looks like an Egyptian statue carved into the rock formation. You can also see straight lines (resembling pathways) as if carved by intelligent life. Regardless, one can’t argue against the authenticity of this image, as it seems to be too perfectly aligned, to be caused by galactic fallout. The carvings have generated the popular opinion that early Egyptians used to inhabit the planet of Mars, for that, we can only wonder.

Spunk Ape

Image credit:

This image depicts what seems to be some sort of species of primate hiding behind the leaves to avoid the camera flash. What is out of the ordinary here is that scientists cant seem to attribute this species to anything they have actually found or discovered thus far. Called the “Spunk Ape’, it has been rumored to be seen across the United states, yet still has been rendered unknown through current research. Though new species are discovered regularly, this is only true for smaller undetectable species, or species located in humanly inhabitable regions such as volcanos, or ocean depths of increased pressure. What seems impossible is that such a large animal could be close in proximity to large human populations, but still note be recorded as an official species.

Freddy Jackson

Image credit:

Here we see a photograph of soldiers from a war period, perhaps after a victory? Well the background here is that, this photo was taken post World War 1, and we have zoomed in on the face of one soldier specifically. No, it isn’t to do with the creeper who is sitting behind him, but to do with him. The day this photo was taken, was actually dedicated to him. The weird things however, is that this was the exact day of Freddy Jackson’s (the man who is zoomed in) funeral. Dying as a result of war, he should have been in the grave, not sitting with his fellow men, saluting himself for his heroism during the war.

Unidentified Flying Object

Image credit:

This image should be one that rings a bell for a few of you. It’s an image taken right out the window of an aircraft which seems to be airborne. Normally Unidentified flying objects are attributed to hoaxes or illusions generated from passing drones, or other flying aircraft. The possibility for all these are ruled out (well at least the drones or the aircraft) for 2 reasons. 1, drones are not allowed or able to fly at the same altitude as passenger aircraft, and 2, aircrafts are not allowed to fly in such proximity to each other during flights. The only other explanation could be that, there is dirt or a discoloration on the aircraft window. Regardless, this rarity of it being a UFO has been diminished by the above observations.

Strange Noises

Image credit:

In Gary, Indiana the woman in the picture above (on the left), was concerned that hearing loud noises, and banding was a regular occurrence. The concern was centered around the fact that, there was nothing available for them to originate from. Living by herself, he decided to investigate by taking various photographs and videos, in order to capture anything out of the ordinary. To her surprise, when she went outside to take a picture, she caught the image of what seems to be, another woman looking out through the window at her. Perhaps the house was haunted after all. What would you do if you found yourself in that situation?

Blast from the Past

Image credit:

Now this photo shows two women walking towards what seems to be another area of their high school yard. Aside from the fact that there seems to be no sunlight outside, the appearance of what seems to be a figure engraved in the fence makes this all the creepier. He seems to be dressed in clothing from an era before the generation of these high school students. Now there has been an explanation that says, if someone was standing there during the picture, they could potentially fade away if that area of the photograph was exposed to a lot more than the rest of the picture. This argument is limited in that, the rest of the fence should have faded along with the individual. If he was indeed there at the time, why would a random man be standing dressed in those clothes, behind a group of young high schoolers? If the apparition isn’t creepy enough, then perhaps the motives of that creepy old man are.

Unexpected Photobomb

Image credit:

Here we see a photograph of a kid standing to take his picture. Him being centered in the photo would suggest that he is the ONLY one supposed to be in the picture. Yet what we see here, is the silhouette of another younger, more translucent, child standing on the side of the picture. Now one argument states that this child is simply a part of the draping at the back, but taking a closer look, we see that he is indeed in front of the couch handle. To make matter worse, this apparition like figure, isn’t smiling, as if upset about his picture being taken. There have been rumors that say that children are often the ones most attuned to the spirit world. Perhaps the little boy in the middle is aware of his ‘friend’s’ presence, forcing him to stand so awkwardly. We’re hoping that nothing happened to the family, or the little boy in the end.

Gettysburg Spectator

Image credit:

The battle of Gettysburg, one of the most famous battles known in war history, was fought during the Civil War in America. This battle was recorded to have the most casualties for this war overall. This photograph is a low-res photo taken to depict the instance in time, for the events that occurred during this battle. You see a figure standing, looking towards the fight. The frightening detail is that the photographer claimed that this figure was not standing there when the photo was taken. Now some may say that the intense events of the battle made it so the photographer wasn’t aware of his presence, however the dimensions that this figure takes up in the picture render that theory unlikely.

NASA’s Mystery

Image credit: Pinterest

What we have here is a picture of a regular girl, holding a bunch of flowers, with an adorable smile on her face. This picture seems to originate in the 60s which is around the time the first man was able to walk on the moon. Unbeknownst to both her and the photographer, there seems to be a figure behind her, a figure which resembles an astronaut. In this context, we should emphasize that NASA at the time, is the only institution to house astronauts, and to see one in broad day light meant 1 of 2 things. 1, that they had just landed, or 2, that they were preparing for a landing. How then, could this girl be taking such a calm photo during either of these occurrences? This is a mystery left unsolved to this day.

State-wide Flares

Image credit:

One thing we know about planet earth is that it is the hub of light pollution among all the other planets at least. What this means is that, lights are visible almost everywhere on the planet, from the man made street lights, to the dark depths of the ocean deep, light exists almost everywhere on earth. What is inexplicable about this photo is that there were 5 enormous lights situated above several states in the U.S. in the late 20th century. The perfect positioning, and gradual disappearance of each light left many baffled by this occurrence. The National Air Force, released a statement saying that these illuminations were flares from a training course, but do we know of any flares powerful enough to be seen from multiple states?

M.J. Dead or Alive

Image credit:

This Youtube video screenshot depicts an interview centered around the death of the late legend, Michael Jackson. Dated back to 2009, the video filmed a tour of the late star’s home appropriately titled “Inside Neverland”. As she peruses through the house, we can see an image in the distance which resembles the dead singer in one of his famous poses noted during some of his earlier performances. Now this could either be a ghost, a figurine, statue, or even a joke to mess with the CNN reporter. The fact that neither explanation has been confirmed or denied to this day, may suggest that perhaps she did not see nor sense his (or its) presence as she was touring the mansion. That being said, its usually only ever evident of supernatural occurrences after the footage has been captured…this may be the same case.

Supernatural or Reincarnated

Image credit:

Here we see another picture, this time of an old lady creating memories together with he photographer. Now we also see a man standing behind her which is quite normal, but it is a little creepy that he is also looking directly at the camera. The backstory is that this man, closely resembles the stature of her late husband. Passing away years before this photo was taken, some have speculated that this figure may be someone who closely resembles her husband, while others have offered that it is indeed her husband watching over her. Regardless, the explanation of either her late husband watching over her, or a close resemblance of him doing the same, suggests either a supernatural occurrence or reincarnation, for those who believe in that.

Paranormal Escorts

Image credit:

This photo is one laced with conspiracy and paranormal activity all at the same time. We see two images, the smaller illustrating and ground to air view directly below the flying contraptions. The larger one illustrates a lateral view of the same contraptions. Two of these, familiarly resemble military fighter jets, flying in close proximity to what literally looks like a flying saucer. For them to fly so close together, would mean that the jets are protecting or escorting this other flying object to some destination or goal. This photo may prove the existence of UFOs, but it may also prove the governments knowledge of their existence. How this affects the general public, only time will tell.

Mutant or Spirit

Image credit: Memolition

Here we have a regular photograph of a couple of boys taking a picture together, engaging in similar gestures and poses. The epitome of friendship for boys this age. What is out of place in this picture is that there are more limbs than can be accounted for. If we say that there are 4 boys, then we should see 8 limbs (assuming that they’ve each been born with 2). Taking a closer look at the image we see 9 limbs. The boy on the right has his hand beside him (faintly you’ll notice his skin), the boy beside him has one hand on the former’s shoulder, the third boy has both his arms around the 2nd and 4th boys, and the last boy has both arms clearly visible. There is just an unaccounted for hand between boys 3 and 4. Where did it come from, and who does it belong to?

An Eerie Premonition

Image credit:

Now some may remember an event of 2014 which involved the shooting down of a Malaysian MH17 passenger plane. No, this isn’t a picture showing the plane completely intact after being shot down, this is simply an image of what it looked like before the event. This image is being used as a means of creating the background for a creepy story. A Facebook user, posted this same exact photo of the plane and wrote “If it disappears, this is what it looks like”. The coincidence is uncanny as he posted this right before it made its departure, getting shot down later on that day. This may be a coincidence, it may not be. It could illustrate that there are psychics among us.

Shy Alien

Image credit: Pinterest

Why do these things always happen in the middle of the woods? Here we see a guy standing and posing beside his car in the middle of the night. Assuming his friend is taking the picture, the first image illustrates a number of trees and vegetation behind him, quite normal for the woods. Upon enhancing and increasing the brightness on the photo, we notice that the figure (when zoomed in) resembles a robotic, android-like, alien creeping and lurking around behind the guy. One the one hand, this may prove that aliens do exist, on the other hand, it may prove that certain aliens are either shy or afraid of light. Regardless, if this is real, it is definitely creepy!

Super Organism

Image credit: Pinterest

We’ve heard stories about the Lockness Monster, Bigfoot, and Moby Dick before. In fact these stories seem like distant childhood memories meant to scare us into being well behaved. Well this picture may offer some indication to some truth behind these stories. Here we see an individual, sitting in their canoe above what seems to be an open lake. Underneath them, we see a large figure of black of the comportment of a large sea snake. Conjectures have been offered which state this formation to be a collection of mussels or clams, but the possibility of them existing in just one specific area of the lake, is highly unlikely. So whether this is a super organism of smaller organisms, or in fact, a super organisms, is up to the individuals who conduct research on this large entities.

Handprint Horror

Image Credit:

If you look closely, you can see a pair of hand prints on the window, the flash indicating that they are on the outside of the window. It is definitely creepy to see a set of handprints on the outside of your window, in the middle of the night. To make matters worse, the home owner claimed that they’d left the room for a couple minutes, only to come back seeing them there (not being there prior to leaving the room). Now for the plot twist…the room where this window is situated, is located on the 3rd floor. Now this could be supernatural activity, or it can’t, who knows. The creepy part is that it seems that these hands prints were attempting to cling to the window (indicated by the drag marks on the right hand. That being said, it would’ve been impossible for anyone to reach the third floor at that time without being a ghost, or being pushed off a higher floor. Either way, both explanations would make it difficult to go to sleep at nights, especially in that room.

Doll Hanging Island 

Image Credit:

If one were to look up the definition of creepy, you’d almost always see an example of dolls, especially if we think of movies like Anabelle, Chucky, and even the saw series. Dolls seem to be a central theme in making children nightmares, come true. Well if you’re afraid of dolls, or animation of the inanimate, feast your eyes on this place. Yes, you’re right, it is exactly as you see, a place filled with hanging dolls. To emphasize just how creepy it is, it is actually an island of hanging dolls. This raises a few questions, who hung them up? For whom did they hang them? How did they make them? And, what inspired them to do so? We can agree that any of the answers to these questions, are better left unmentioned.

Google Maps Mishap

Image Credit:

Imagine doing a search on google maps, zooming in to a random area on the map, only to find freshly dug graves with two bodies lying in them. From a lateral view, a regular person may see 2 mounds of dirt, but from an overhead view, we see something completely different. Now the question of whether they are dead or alive isn’t the main concern here. Based on their coordination we can see here that this may have been planned, either by the two laying there, or by whoever did the laying of the bodies. Either way, it’s like they knew that google maps would pick them up before it actually happened. That is the strange thing about this photo, both the question of death, and foresight.

Hidden Guest 

Image Credit:

We see a regular picture here with some curtains hanging, as they mix with the warm rays of sunlight which seek to enter this low lit, empty room. This is the perfect setting for increasing the creep factor. Just like the caption says, if you see it, you will definitely freak out. I feel the picture speaks for itself without actually highlighting what isn’t normal about this picture. Just know, that when you do see it, you’ll wonder whether this room is actually empty, whether this room is low lit on purpose, and whether this inhabitant is trying to send a message to the photographer. 

Camera Shy 

Image Credit:

No the blurring of this little girl’s face isn’t the creepy factor about this photo. However due to the analysis we’ll be conducting, you’ll understand why her face has been blurred. First of all, she seems to be posing for a portrait that is assumed to be taken by one of her parents. What is odd is that there are a pair of shoes standing behind her. They aren’t short enough to be just boots, and they are tall enough to belong to another body. In fact, the proportions of the legs and feet would suggest that her camera shy friend, would be much taller than she is, even on the lower slope of that small hill. Why then, is this figure invisible? This is something that we’ll leave up to your imagination.

 Sitting Lady 

Image Credit:

We take first glance at this picture, and we see the figure (or husk) of a lady sitting down in the middle of a dirt road. Now, the first thing you may notice is that her legs seemed to be turned forward (from our perspective as bystanders). Her torso indicates a different story altogether, it is turned towards us (opposite to her legs). Then there is the fact that there her entire body seems to be one color which indicates, 1 that she has no clothing on, or 2, that she is actually dead, and just the husk of what used to be a living person. This would explain the extreme flexibility past regular pain limitations. It does not explain why a dead body would be sitting in the middle of the road.

 Unexpected Guest 

Image Credit:

We see here a picture of what seems to be two friends, or sisters, posing with two children (likely related to them in some way). Now the image that is upside down to the left of these wonderful individuals, may or may not be, an apparition. It is illustrating what would happen if someone were to fall through the roof, exactly as you were taking the picture. So what is odd here? None of these people seem to show any indication of alarm to the figure falling to their right. It could either mean that they are used to such events occurring, or they are unaware of this presence actually existing.


Image Credit:

Seems self-explanatory, however, in this image we see woman standing at a redbox machine looking straight up to the ceiling. Now we all know machines can be frustrating, but to force an individual to engage in an unnatural movement like that, is highly unlikely. Even if the human body is flexible enough to do that, her hair should be hanging down further than where it is now. The only explanation that makes sense here is that she is possessed, and that her head (including her hair) is in complete, suspended animation. It would definitely be interesting to walk into that store, and see that happening in front of you.

Love at First Sight 

Image Credit:

Now this one is a throw up on whether it’s creepy, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. A sandy beach, lively play, creating memories, family bonding, these are a few of the terms that may come to mind. You’ll notice that two individuals a circled in this picture. Well according to the boy (Nick, who’s now an adult) who is circled in this picture, he was scheduled to marry another young lady (Aimee) many years after the date of this picture. Upon looking at their photo albums in preparation for the wedding, she noticed that the girl who is circled in the background, was in fact, her. Upon learning this, they scheduled their marriage to take place on that same beach where they first met (unofficially).

Mark Twain 

Image Credit:

This American author (a very famous one at that), was born 11/30/1835. This was also the same day the famous Halley’s Comet was for the first time, for the year 1835. In 1909, he ‘foretold’ that at the Comet’s return, that he would also leave this earth, the same way he entered during its entrance. Would you believe that, literally 1 year after, on the first day of Halley’s return, Twain passed from this earth? Definitely an event without possible explanation, and to downgrade this to mere coincidence would be a disservice to the events that occurred, not once, but twice. Perhaps it has nothing to do with clairvoyance, but more to do with extra-terrestrial heritage? Only the late Twain will know the answers to that question.


Imafge Credit:

We’ve all heard the story of the unsinkable Titanic, which was felled by an iceberg. Movies and books, have been released just to capture the story of this unfortunate event. Why the Titanic is in this article, has nothing to do with the iceberg, or its actual sinking, but more to do with events which may have foretold its future. In a book Written by Morgan Robertson, years before the sinking of this great ship, the story of the Titan is told. This ship was also unsinkable and had similar dimensions to the actual Titanic. The creepy part is that the Titan sunk for the same reason, and also during the same month as the Titanic.

Flames of Choice 

Image Credit:

Immediately our attention is drawn to what looks like a severed foot, photographed at some point in the past (before colored pictures were thing). I mean the severing of a person’s foot, is controlled, meaning the logical explanation would connect to another individual committing the act of murder. Plot Twist! There was no involvement of human activity in this case. In the 1950s, an investigation, lead authorities to wonder how this foot remained in tact. The creepy part was that the individual to whom this foot belonged, was incinerated completely in an uncontrollable fire. The heat was so extreme that her skull shrank, but strangely enough, everything else in the room, including her right foot, was left completely intact. Makes us question whether flames have the agency of employing choice.

 Mysterious Death 

Image Credit:

This story will hit closer to home as it happened only a few years ago (2013). Here we see an image of Elisa Lam, in what seems to be an open elevator. Well this image was taken (along with other video footage) on the day she was found dead in a water tank. Video footage illustrates her going in and out the elevator, conversing with the hallway and even hiding in the elevator at times from someone (or something). Oddly enough, the elevator was malfunctioning on that exact day. How was she able to go in and out without being affected by the dysfunctional elevator that day? How did she get into the water tank on a roof which was barricaded (yes new information) to tenants in the building? We can only speculate, but to this day, the cause of death remains unknown.

Green Cyborg 

Image Credit:

For those who’ve watched the anime “Avatar the Last Airbender” this next image may bring back some memories. In the show, there is a large swamp which Is connected to the entire world through its roots. At the center of the swamp is a guardian, made of green vines with the face of a mask. Though this only just a cartoon, we see what seems to be the likeness of the same beast. This photo was taken in real life, and no scientific explanation exists that can detail the reason for this appearance. This figure may be an species that has not been discovered, however, the most burning question in, are there more of them? Why does it have an (what seems to be) inorganic face, attached to an organic body. Perhaps this is evidence of cyborgian research?

Mermaid Sighting 

Image Credit:

We know fairy tales have always illustrated the fantastical existence of mermaids, but to think that there’s a possibility of sea-men living among us, unbeknownst to us, is definitely a creepy thing indeed. Well in this picture, we see a seal swimming underwater with what seems to be a mermaid (or merman). What does this mean in terms of science? Well, we know that the earth is 70+ % water. We also know that we’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to knowing the existence of all life in the ocean. If mermaids do exist and this photograph is accurate, this could mean that there is an entire civilization living within the ocean, with a population that could easily thwart the 6 billion+ humans we know living on land. Though it would be interesting for them to be real, the more daunting question would be, are they friend or foe?

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