These 30 Homes Are Shockingly Tiny

Have you ever thought about downsizing the size of your home? If the answer is yes then you are not alone, if the answer is no you might change your mind once you see these 30 unique tiny homes! This style of micro living is becoming popular all over the World because well, less is more. What makes some of these tiny homes even more appealing than just their chic slick design, is the fact that they are mobile. Have you ever dreamt of just picking your house up and moving it to another city or country? Then the tiny home movement might just be for you.

Michelle de la Vega’s Garage Turned Home

Photo credit: Pinterest

This masterpiece was created by the very talented visual artist Michelle de la Vega. He rebuilt what once was a garage into a beautiful fully equipped home. The tiny home covers 250 sq. ft and includes a loft bedroom and a bathroom which was built in as an extension. Multiple windows allow for lots of natural light making this a bright and delightful environment to spend your days.

87 Square Meter Austrian Tiny Home

Photo credit: Pinterest

This 87 square meter tiny home resembles a much sturdier version of a cabin. It’s the ideal home for outdoor lovers who like to venture into the woods for long picturesque walks. Located in the Austrian village Laterns the owners of this home will benefit from the beautiful fresh green fields in the summer and the frosty white layers of snow in the winter.

The Exbury Egg

Photo credit: Pinterest

Doubling up as a floating home and a research station all in one, this tiny home is known as the Exbury Egg. This unique building belongs to artist Stephen Turner. Stephen collaborated with designers at Space Placemaking and Urban Design Group to create this structure which is not only his new home but also his workspace.

The Perfect Cabin Home

Photo credit: Pinterest

Located in the woods this cabin style home is surrounded by nature at its finest. The lucky owners have the pleasure to waking up to the soft sounds of birds chirping and subtle sound of trees blowing. The front of the home is covered with windows which is perfect for receiving natural light and gazing out for inspiration whilst enjoying a coffee. The front porch is also perfect for enjoying a romantic glass of wine at the weekend whilst watching the sun set.

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