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Update: Boy thrown from Mall of America balcony leaves intensive care


We’re happy to tell you that Landen Hoffman – the young boy who was pushed off of a balcony in a Shopping Mall has fully recovered. And taking the fact that the doctors were not giving him high chances of life, he has undoubtedly baffled them. Landen is five years old, and the problematic moment happened to him in a Shopping Mall in Minnesota called Mall of America.

Namely, the boy has left the intensive care, where he spent the time from the unwanted event up until now, and now, the boy is finally back with his family. The family shared this piece of information when they talked to FOX9.

After the moment that he was released from the hospital, the boy has started the second phase of his recovery, which is much harder to overcome – the mental recovery.

His family stated that their belief in the Lord is what saved Landen. They said this on an update that they posted on their GoFundMe page. They updated all of their supporters that their son is no longer under intensive care. And that the doctors moved the boy to an inpatient, physical rehab into a different hospital in order to speed up his recovery so he could move on to the mental part of it faster.

In the beginning, things were not looking good for the youngster. Landen Hoffman actually fell about 40 ft. from the third floor of the building. He was pushed off of the terrace by the 24-year-old Emmanuel Aranda in what was said to be an unprovoked attack back on April the twelfth.

Understandably, the youngster was really hurt, and he was suffering from a couple of severe injuries on his head, and he had many broken bones. The guy who pushed Landen, Emmanuel Aranda was taken in by the police for questioning. And, later, he was arrested for attempted murder. Back in June, the 24-year-old was sentenced to 19 years in prison.

Image Source: Bloomington Police Department

The month before this, the boy’s family stated that their little boy underwent through more than fifteen separate medical procedures. And this was in order to have bigger chances of surviving his injuries. And, after their latest update that they posted this Thursday, they also added that there is still a lot to go through. But, they didn’t forget to mention that their boy is strong and with a vibrant spirit. And, that they believe he will pull through. They also said that they are thankful for each and every person who was supporting them in these hard times.

Image Source: Christian Broadcasting Service

We’re also still praying for the fast mental and physical recovery of Landon. We know that Landon went through his fair share of nightmares of the event, and he will continue to live with them, but he is a strong-minded boy, and I am sure that he will pull through. I am happy that he has passed the first stage of his recovery, and let’s hope that he will also pass the second part! Make sure to share this article with your friends and family in order to give the support that Landon’s family needs to get through these tough times!


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