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Vegetables you can try even if you’re not a fan of vegetables


To be honest with you, for me there are only two types of persons. The people who enjoy eating vegetables, and the people who simply hate it. With the increasing pace that our lifestyles started to move I think that it’s crucial to try and squeeze in as much healthy food as we can into our lives, and the vegetables are one of the best healthy foods out there. There are some veggies that even people who don’t enjoy the taste of vegetables like. If you’re interested in adding some healthy food in your daily diet here are some of the vegetables that don’t have a specific taste.

Veggie #1 Kale

Kale might not seem like one of the tasteless veggies that we’ve talked about before, but it sure has a specific taste that can be easily hidden when used in a smoothie mixed from a couple of foods. This is why we would recommend this vegetable even to some of the people that are strongly against vegetables. You will surely get the benefits that come out of it, along with the taste of your favorite fruits if you somehow mix it into your favorite fruit smoothie. We assure you, you will easily hide the taste of kale, and you’ll never notice that it was in.

Image Source: Pixabay

Veggie #2 Zucchini

Yes, it might seem to you that it is a weirdly big cucumber, but it’s not. It’s zucchini. You can easily start liking the taste of zucchini if you learn how to prepare them. And, by chopping them up and boiling them as zucchini noodles you will hardly notice the taste that this veggie has. Use a tool and make big zucchini spirals in order to use them as noodles that will swap the egg noodles and spaghetti out of your kitchen. Try them out, and tell us if you’ve noticed any difference from the regular noodles that you were eating in the comment section below.

Veggie #3 Potatoes

Yes, we all know that potatoes contain lots of carbs. But, the fact that they are a tasty vegetable that can be used in a variety of foods is also true about a lot of people. You can boil them, use them in a salad, mashed potatoes are also a choice, and frying them will bring you the best taste out of them (but try and use an air fryer because they’re healthier like this).

Veggie #4 Asparagus

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You might be one of those people that don’t like to eat vegetables simply because they take up space for a tasty meat meal. But, what would you say if we tell you that there are ways to include both your tasty meat and the healthy benefits of the veggies together into amazing meals? Wrap some asparagus in bacon and ham and you’re good to go for a healthy tasteful snack. And even though you might be losing some of the health benefits by doing this, it’s way better than not to eat it at all.

Hate the taste of vegetables and you cannot stand it? Well, use these vegetables and the tricks that we taught you in the article in order to hide or neutralize their taste, and enjoy the benefits that you can get from them!


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