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Video: Wild Orcas Caught Swimming Beside Woman In Rare, Memorable Swim


Ocean swims are oftentimes an exciting and sometimes even dangerous experience. The case with Judie Johnson from Hadie, New Zealand was one of these cases. While she was swimming in the ocean all of a sudden she found herself surrounded by a couple of orcas, three to be exact. And they were not shy at all, these three beautiful orcas swam in Johnson’s company for quite some time.

See the Video for the Amazing Sight that Johnson Got to Experience

Johnson never thought she’d swim with orcas. When they first approached her she mistook the dark shadow that moved under her for a dolphin — a more typical marine encounter for swimmers. She thought she’d be lucky to swim with a dolphin and couldn’t believe it when she recognized the black and white markings of the orcas.

After noticing the three beautiful creatures swimming along her side she got a bit scared and decided to leave the water. She knew that the orcas might have mistaken her with a seal because of her swimming suit. But, after a while, she thought to herself that she might be missing an opportunity that might be happening once in her lifetime. After a while, she decided to get back into the water and see what is going to happen.

The Whales Came Back

Once she got in, the orcas were really playful, and she’s lucky they were feeling like that, because if they left she would miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. She swam with them for longer this time, and as she says, there have been moments when she was able to see right in their heads and connect with them even more.

Image Source: YouTube

Johnson said that the event was breathtaking and amazing. She found the orcas to be playful and wanted to swim with her. The best thing about this moment is that it was all recorded with a drone camera. Dylan Brayshaw who is a photographer was at the same location filming some footage with his drone, so once he saw that there was a swimmer swimming with a couple of whales he had to record that.

A Dangerous Event

There’s no doubt that the whole event was dangerous by itself. But, at the end, it all came out great. Yes, humans should not be approaching wildlife, there are a couple of other cases where people had been approached by orcas who just wanted to play with them and that’s why she decided to risk it.

Image Source: OCVA on Flickr

The orcas or also known as “Killer Whales” have demonstrated their aggressive side, but it was only when they were held captive against their will. They are not that dangerous when approached in their natural habitat, but yes, they have the ability of taking down prey that is bigger than people. Lucky for Johnson, these orcas were pretty playful and she got an experience that would last her for her lifetime. It was exciting and beautiful and she sure won’t forget this one.


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