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Ways to make public transportation more comfortable


For those of us who don’t own a car, we’ve probably all tried public transport at some point. No matter what you’ve used, from catching the bus to train transport and tons of other means of public transport, we’ve p[probably all used them. It’s not a secret that probably most of these are not always the most comfortable transport to be in, but it’s a fact that they do the job, and take us from point A to point B. But, despite this, there are some ways that you could use to make your ride a more comfortable and more enjoyable experience.

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Wear Comfy Clothes

Being comfortable with clothes that don’t feel right on you is pretty hard. So the best thing you can do in order to make your ride more enjoyable is to wear clothes in which you feel comfortable. There are no restrictions in public transport vehicles so you will be able to wear whatever you want. But try not to expose yourself too much, cause you sure will be photographed a lot.

If you have some kind of a special uniform or a suit that you need to wear at work, then just simply take it with you in order to change when you get to work.

Put Some Music on and Get a bit of Sleep

When you get into a bus oftentimes you end up sitting next to someone you don’t know, this could be a pretty unpleasant experience for both of you. So the best thing for you to do would be to plug your headphones in and listen to some music, this can also be a good way for some of us to zone out, and get some shut eye.

I would advise you not to doze off on the bus, it isn’t a smart idea especially if you’re alone in the bus and there’s nothing to wake you up when you get to your stop. You can miss it, this happened to me dozens of times. And it’s not a pleasant experience!

Gaze outside

I always love traveling on the window seat, yes you might have less place for you but you sure have something to look at while you’re traveling, especially if the distance you’re traveling is pretty long.

And if you don’t feel distracted by watching the world go by as you’re driving, then you might take a tablet with you and watch a movie or listen to a book. But make sure you download the content you’re trying to listen to or watch because you might not have a constant internet connection while you’re in the bus/train.

Image Source: Pixabay

Take Something that might Improve Your Ride

If you don’t feel comfortable because of the hard seats you can take something like a small blanket or a small cushion that will help you with that problem. Yes, you might get a couple of strange looks or flipped eyes, but you sure will have a pleasant ride. And that is an amazing trade-off.

Public transport has been here for people without any means of transport as a cheap alternative to taxies. So, don’t think twice before taking action on improving your comfort!


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