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What Color Should you the Walls in Your House


Décor is a big part of our lives, and oftentimes when we’re trying to start a new chapter in our lives redecorating can be an amazing place to start. Changing the haircut, or swapping our clothes might be a lot for many. Changing the colors of our bedroom walls, living room walls or any wall in the house can be a lot relieving for people. This can help you change enough things in your life to help you forget about the problems and start a new chapter! Now that you’ve decided what you’re going to do you should pick what colors should you paint the walls. And this can be hard if you’re indecisive!

You can Choose Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are great for the people that dig them. And a good thing about this palette of colors is the fact that they come in every shade. If you want to go with a more relaxing setup you can go with green, yellow, pink or blue pastel shades. Yes, all of these colors might seem a bit childish to many, but if you use some wooden and darker toned accents you can bring what looked like a kids’ room to a pretty modern looking room.

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Or go With Some of the Brighter Colors

Bright colors, on the other hand, can oftentimes be “In your face”, they might not be one of the most relaxing colors, but for the people that are trying to brighten up their lives, these colors actually fit perfectly. You can paint your creative space with these colors, and you are going to get a huge creativity boost! What’s great with these colors is the fact that you can choose one, feature wall to pain it with a bright color, and the rest of the walls in that room, you can paint with more neutral colors.

You can Also Choose some Neutral Colors

The more neutral colors are always safer, more down to earth choice when painting your walls. The gray, ivory and beige colors are great when you’re not sure what will be the accent color of your furniture in the room. As we mentioned earlier these colors are great for the people that have lots of bright colored possessions, or if you’ve already decided to go with a brighter color on one of your walls.

The Metallic Colors are also Great

Metallic colors on your walls. They are a great addition in order to give life to your room. You can find them in any shade and can make a small space feel huge! So that’s why we recommend these colors for the people who went with a smaller living space.

Or, go with the Dark, more Calming Colors

Dark colors are amazing, and I am not just saying this because I love darker tones, but I am saying this because it’s not always you find a person brave enough to try darker colors. Large rooms are a great place where you can try this out and the best thing is the fact that you can always include some brighter accents with the furniture later. You can also keep everything darker and use just a couple of brighter touches at some places. These colors are pretty calming, so if you’re struggling to fall asleep these colors will improve your state immediately!

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