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What does your handshake say about you?


The handshake can oftentimes say a lot more about you, even than your first impression. In fact, handshakes are then the first impression, because they are the first thing that everyone notices about us. And, not a lot of people pay a lot of attention to their handshakes, but it can play a big role in the introduction.

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Young, Wild, and Free

Kids, students and other young people have some fun and complicated handshakes. Athletes and celebrities also use these kinds of handshakes in order to show people that they are unique and have a close bond between them and the person they’re handshaking with.

These prepared handshakes are only used in informal situations, and only with people that are close to them. And, if you happen to use some kind of these handshakes on a formal meeting, and with somebody not so close to you, you will come up as a pretty immature person.

Not Interested In Them

When shaking hands with somebody and you use the fast brush it makes it seem like you don’t respect the person a lot. This might show the person that you’re looking down on them. This shake makes it look like you love your hygiene more than you would want to meet that person.

Try and look the person you’re meeting in the eyes, make eye contact, cause if you do the opposite it also gives out the vibe that you’re not interested in meeting that person. This tells the other person that you have a more important thing than them, and you cannot wait to finish talking with that person.

Weak and Unworthy

Looking like you’re shy, nervous, weak or self-conscious to the other person might give out so many negative things and vibes. So try not to look like that while meeting new people. This is pretty bad by itself and if you add the limp handshake in the mix this makes for a pretty unpleasant handshake!

The limp handshake shows other people that you feel weak and unworthy, so try and avoid it as much as you can.

Insecure and Desperate

By holding on too long when you are shaking hands with someone, it gives out the vibe that you’re desperate for a close bond with someone.

If you shake hands in an aggressive posture and with a pretty firm grip, this means that you’re feeling pretty insecure. It looks like you’re trying to take control of the situation.

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How to Handshake like a Pro?

So how to shake hands perfectly and look good doing it? Well, assure that you have a pretty firm grip, not too strong though. Put on a smile on your face, and don’t forget to make constant eye contact with the person you’re meeting. Also, straight posture helps a lot.

If you shake hands like this, you will look professional and friendly at the same time. People will love you, and you’ll give great first impressions.

Try out this handshake on your next business meeting and you will be thankful to me. Try and avoid the handshakes that give out bad vibes and try to be as positive as possible!

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