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When A Man Abandoned A Package In Airport Trash, This Lady Couldn’t Ignore It


What you are allowed and what you are not allowed to take with you on flights – The, worst thing you have to deal with when you are constantly on the go. But, all of us have already gotten used to it haven’t we? Well, a woman from Florida and her boyfriend witnessed a co-passenger on their plain who had to throw away a mysterious package do something with it, they just couldn’t be quiet!

The pair saw how desperately the man was trying not to give the package away to the security and it was amazing how hard he tried to do that. The security told him to throw away the package into the trashcan, and he actually did it. But, what he did next blew the couple away. They actually witnessed him taking the parcel out of the trash and they didn’t know what they were going to unravel.

1. Packing the Bags!

Ivelise Hernandez, who is living in Tampa in Florida, did not expect that anything out of the ordinary was going to happen that day when she got to the St. Petersburg-Clearwater airport. She was flying to Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania and Rico Bankston, her boyfriend, took her to the airport. He even accompanied her to the security line.

It really was a usual day at the airport, and it didn’t even look like something was going to happen. The airport was pretty calm. But, once they got to the security line they actually noticed how the security forced a guy to throw away his mysteriously packed package. Ivelise didn’t even think about how this was going to impact her life.

2. Security Hold-Up

Traveling… What a pleasant experience. The only thing I know everyone dreads is the waiting line to go through the security! Rico didn’t leave his girlfriend alone and he was waiting with her. And an ordinary bag inspection turned into a long waiting line out of the blue.


No one knew what the problem with the security and the guy was. No one knew what the guy was trying to take through the metal detector in the carefully wrapped package. But, everyone was getting angry because they were holding the line. The security even pulled the man in for questioning. Rico and Ivelise were listening to the conversation by the metal detectors. But, they were not expecting to discover this unbelievable thing!

3. Waiting Line Gets Bigger and Bigger

As Rico waited for his girlfriend Ivelise to be able to continue on her way to boarding her flight, a man ahead of them was having a problem with his carry-on bag. It was clear that one of the items inside was considered restricted.


The people from the security would not let him through with the package. No one knew what was in that package. But it was sure, whatever it was, the guy just would not throw the package. He was so desperate in his attempts to keep the package with him! What would be so precious to him?

4. A BIG NO!

September 11 changed everything when traveling is in question. The companies in the United States, but also companies all over the world had to take lots of things into consideration and change lots of security measures. The TSA (Transportation Security Authority) of the United States made some guidelines that are pretty strict about what we’re able to take with us in the hand luggage on flights.


It is surprising to both American and International travelers to hear what they can and what they cannot take with them on the plane! And the package that this man tried to conceal in his bag was a big red flag for the security workers at the airport.

5. Random Things are Prohibited

People traveling on planes after the 9-11 incident are asked to throw out the most random stuff before the security puts them through.


Sometimes, security prohibits people from taking toothpaste with them as a result of the rules of liquid ounces that you can take with you. And despite the fact that you can buy some of the stuff that they make you throw away after security it still is annoying to do it, am I right? But, what the guy tried to take through security with the mysterious package was nothing like a regular toothpaste…

6. The Sad End of The Argument

The man who was arguing with the TSA agents got more and more impatient. He even came up with some good bargains for the TSA agents. He asked them if they could send the package to the lost and found section of the airport.

Warped Speed

But, the TSA agents wouldn’t let him do anything except throw away the package. The couple was aware of how distressed the man actually was, and they could notice his eyes tearing up. But, Ivelise knew that they had to do something!

7. Dispose of the Package!

The TSA agents weren’t going to take more time with the man and they coldly told him to dispose of the item. The man took the package to the bin and with hard heart threw it away because the TSA agents wouldn’t let him take it in the plane!


Everybody could see how sad the man actually was. But, he boarded the plane. And as Ivelise’s turn to go to the security check-up came, she hugged her boyfriend, and requested him to do something that was going to change their lives forever!

8. A Good Deed!

Both Rico and Ivelise were obviously upset by what they had seen at the security line at the airport. And as we said earlier when Ivelise was to cross the security line, she gave Rico a hug and a kiss, and asked him to do something very unusual.

Facebook/Amarri Hernandez

She asked Rico to go through the trash bin where the man threw the package and see what was in the package. This is when she finally went and got on the plane to Pennsylvania. But what was Rico going to find in the trash can?

9. Rico Takes The Package!

Rico knew that he was not going to pass through the TSA, and that’s why he was the right pick for this situation. If the package that the mane threw was still in the trash can, and it wasn’t taken by the TSA for further screening, this meant that he was free to take the package and no one would care!

Fox 13 News

The TSA would not bother him, whatever the package was, and Rico knew that and that is why he decided to retrieve the package. And, he did just that. He found the package that the man threw in the bin and he took it back home in Tampa. He was aware that this package was pretty important to the man.

10. Curiosity, Uneasiness and Impatience On-Board

While all this was happening, Ivelise couldn’t stop thinking of how the man was treated by the TSA agents. She was curious what Rico had found in the package and felt impatient to ask him! She really wanted to know what was in the package and why the man was so sad to throw it away!

Facebook/Amarri Hernandez

As soon as she had safely landed, Ivelise turned her phone back on and called Rico, wondering what he’d found inside the package. And when he told her what he’d discovered when he unwrapped it, she knew immediately knew what had to be done.

11. What Was In The Package?!

Once he got home, Rico un-wrapped the package and this was when he realized that the thing that the man threw in the garbage was not that dangerous. But, he couldn’t find why the man had such a hard time throwing the package away. It was only after he took a closer look when he realized how precious the package to the man was, and why he looked so sad when he threw it out.

Fox 13 News

Namely, Rico was looking at a snow globe. But this wasn’t a regular snow globe. When Rico took a closer look at the snow globe, and he flipped it over he realized that the TSA were wrong to make the man throw his package away. And he realized just how bad the man must have felt throwing it away.

12. Why Was It So Special?

A regular snow globe picked up at a souvenir shop? No! This snow globe was a uniquely made snow globe. In the snow globe Rico could see to photos, one of the photos was of a little girl, and on the other photo there was an elderly couple. And when he wound the snow globe it started playing the song “Greensleeves”

Facebook/Amarri Hernandez

When he flipped the snow globe he saw an engraving. He realized that the people purchasing the snow globe wanted to make it as unique as possible. It really meant a lot to them. The message on the engraving was: “We love you Katie. Nana and Papa 1/25/16”. After seeing this both Rico and Ivelise knew that they just had to.

13. What To Do?!

Once Ivelise finally got back home, in Florida, from her short trip to Pennsylvania. The couple knew that they will have to help the owner of the snow globe get it back, and that they wouldn’t throw the snow globe away like the TSA back at the airport. They knew that they had to find out who the owner of the globe was and give the snow globe back to him!

YouTube/Fox 13 News – Tampa Bay

They both saw how the man who had to throw the package away reacted, and knew that it was pretty special to him. And, from the engravings they found on the bottom of the snow globe, it was pretty important to others in his family too! They knew that they had to solve the mystery that was in their path. But they also were aware of how hard it was going to be.

14. Hard to Find the Person

Despite the fact that Rico and Ivelise wanted to help out the man and his family, the odds weren’t in their favor. It wasn’t that simple to find the man from the airport, and the fact that they didn’t have a lot of clues was not helping them at all.

YouTube/Fox 13 News – Tampa Bay

They couldn’t find the address, nor the name of the owner. All they could see were the pet names of the grandparents. They only knew that the man who threw the snow globe was flying through the St. Pete-Clearwater Airport on the same date with Ivelise. They needed to come up with a good way of solving this complicated mystery!

15. Let’s Start!

They decided that they had to ask their social media followers and friends for help. But Ivelise knew that she didn’t have that large of a following. She still decided to write a post and put some pictures up on her Facebook wall.


There wasn’t much more that the couple could do. The only thing left to do was to wait. But, Ivelise was still determined to achieve her initial goal. Turn the man’s tears into joy and happiness.

16. Can’t Reach Lots of People

As we mentioned before, even while writing and uploading the post to Facebook she felt like she couldn’t reach as much people as she would want to. She thought she needed a more than the average friends list she had. And this is why both she and Rico felt pretty optimistic.

Uplift Posts

They both hoped and prayed that the post would get shared a couple of times. And according to her calculations, Ivelise thought that she could get 200 shares max. But oh was she wrong… They didn’t anticipate what was to happen!

17. The Post Got Amazingly Viral!

Rico and Ivelise found out what a powerful tool the internet can be. The post that Ivelise wrote started going viral with an amazingly fast pace. They lost control of the number of shares that the post actually got on the internet because people were sharing it all over the internet.

Fox 13 News

After a week has passed they got approximately 48 000 shares on Facebook alone. The post was on fire and there was no way of stopping it. But, they still didn’t have any information about the person who lost it. And they started believing more and more that they will get the lost snow globe to its owners. But, will they manage to do that?

18. A Successful Start!

The shares were increasing, and with them the hope of the couple that they will get to contact the owner of the lost snow globe. And, after tons of shares, finally a person has contacted them. But, the person who wrote the message was nowhere near a close relative to the guy from the airport.

Fox 13 News

They weren’t either remotely connected to be honest. The person who contacted Ivelise didn’t even know the owner of the snow globe. In fact she was an employee of the shop where the man got the snow globe the shop was called “Things Remembered”. And once Ivelise heard what the employee said, her heart skipped a beat!

19. Photographic Memory!

The message took the search of the person to the next step. And the employee of “Things Remembered” just gave Rico and Ivelise’s case the much needed breakthrough they were looking for. She actually had photographic memory and remembered that they were selling the model of the snow globe so she decided to take some actions.


The employee decided to send the image to the company’s headquarters in Ohio, and hoped that they could find out where and who made the order. And what happened next, was amazing and extraordinary!

20. Found Them!

Once “Things Remembered” and their employee finished looking and located the person who made the purchase, they came up with a name! Linda Modry. She had ordered the snow globe for Katie, her five-year-old granddaughter. But, after the problems at the airport Katie never got the present from her grandparents.

Facebook/Linda Modry

Michael, the father of Katie, was the man who had the problem with the TSA agents at the airport, and he was the one who needed to take the present to Katie. And once they told Katie the bad news she had been pretty disappointed. But, Rico and Ivelise were decisive to change that!

21. From a Facebook Post To Kind Gestures!

The couple felt pretty excited. They managed to find Linda with the help from the employee from “Things Remembered”. They pieced the puzzle together and now they could finish what they started and make the family happy!


Ivelise and Rico’s decisiveness, and kind hearts took a simple helpful Facebook post and solved the case of finding the owner of the snow globe from the airport. But there is more to this story!

22. Right In The Same Area!

They were pretty happy for the success by their campaign. Both Ivelise and Rico were excited to meet the people and pass on the package that started all of this. In fact, Linda Modry and her Husband lived in the area. The employee helped them even more, when with headquarters’ permissions she gave the costumer’s number to Ivelise so that she could contact them!

The Buzz Tube

Local news weren’t going to miss this reunion. They had already caught up to what they needed to know. Ivelise was impatient to meet Linda, but she couldn’t even imagine the significance of the kind act that she did!

23. The Reunion

The tropical rain storm didn’t stop the news crews from coming to Florida. Linda Modry and Ivelise Hernandez were about to meet. Linda was at Ivelise’s front door. And they could both feel the same excitement. Everybody knew that there was nothing better than the end cycle of the good deed that could happen that day!

Fox 13 News

The connection was amazing. Once the thrown package got into the couple’s house they started caring about it and wanted to make its owners happy again. Linda knocked on Ivelise’s door not sure what she should expect.

24. Starting Off With A Hug!

Ivelise couldn’t even wait for Linda to finish knocking, she opened the door immediately. They were both happy, Ivelise was smiling from ear to ear and they hugged each other as hard as they possibly could! Linda offered Ivelise a beautiful bouquet of flowers that brought tears to both of their faces.

YouTube/Let Me Know

The both felt pure joy, Ivelise, because she finally managed to solve the mystery while doing an act of great kindness. And Linda because she managed to recover the snow globe she thought she would never see again! Ivelise couldn’t even imagine how much the snow globe meant to Linda.

25. Linda’s Gift For Katie’s Birthday!

Despite the fact that getting a snow globe engraved would be pretty hard to replicate. The problem appeared because of the special timing that the grandparents needed to meet. Namely, the snow globe was a birthday gift for Katie and because of the fact that it was pretty close. Linda couldn’t replicate the process in time.

Fox 13 News

If the couple didn’t do what they did they wouldn’t stand any chance of getting the gift in time for the girl’s birthday. And Linda was about to uncover why the snow globe meant that much to her and her husband.

26. Back in The Right Hands!

They bought the package with pure love for their granddaughter, and when they finally got it back in their hands they were choking back the emotions. Linda couldn’t thank Ivelise without tearing up, but she knew that she couldn’t truly show how big of an act Ivelise had actually made.

YouTube/Fox 13 News – Tampa Bay

Linda decided that she was going to let someone else show Ivelise how great she is, and the impact she made with this act of kindness. Linda took out her mobile phone while Ivelise was waiting for her to dial the number.

27. Connecting The Family

But, this didn’t mean much only to Linda who bought the package. To show Ivelise how big of an impact her act had made, Linda decided to call her son Michael – the person Ivelise and her boyfriend saw back at the airport. The man who had to throw the package in the garbage can.

Facebook/Amarri Hernandez

It turns out, that Michael just finished the visit of his parents in Tampa when Ivelise and Rico saw him at the airport. He was going to take the snow globe back to Ohio, where he lived with his wife and daughter. And as he and Linda told Ivelise the timing that all of this happened couldn’t have been any better.

28. It’s Not Her Actual Birthday!

The date recorded on the underside of the snow globe, January 25th, was not a birth date, but rather of a similarly special event. It was the date when Katie was adopted and the start of her adventure as a member in their family. For Linda and her significant other, this was not only a reminder of their affection from grandparents to granddaughter.

Facebook/Amarri Hernandez

With the gift they got Katie they were actually affirming her place in the new family, they also wanted to remind her how much each and every one person of that family actually loved her! Ivelise was shaking. But, Michael wasn’t the only one on the phone!

29. A Happy Ending – A Happy Family!

Ivelise started crying tears of joy, and as she was tearing up she heard others on the other side of the call. She heard Katie, she joined in on the conversation. Linda – her grandmother told Katie that she had found the gift.

The Buzz Tube

Ivelise couldn’t believe that her small act of kindness had impacted that many people. Katie was jumping all over the place out of hoy. Ivelise wasn’t able to process all of the things happening. She was amazed. And what she actually said about this process was amazing and beautifully put.

30. Pure Instinct

Ivelise said that this was the only thing she could do. Because it was the only natural and logical thing she could do. She added that she was raised well by her mother and she also said that if she found herself in the same situation she would hope that someone would act same as she did!

Facebook/Amarri Hernandez

Once Linda got her special package back she promised that she would pack it better and more carefully than last time. She also added that she is going to put the parcel in her checked luggage before going to Ohio to give it to her granddaughter. Here’s how Linda summarized the whole thing she had with Ivelise: “People are basically really good, and she’s just exceptional.”

31. Public Reaffirmation

Ivelise decided to share the story with the people who helped her achieve her goal. So she posted it on Facebook as well as on the page of “Love What Matters”. The feedback she got back was amazing. People admired her for her gesture of kindness and the impact she made to the family.


The fact that her mission to get the snow globe back to its original owner back lighted up Facebook paled in comparison to the comments and reactions of the people seeing what she did.

32. A Blessing

Today, two years later, Ivelise is blessed with carrying a child. I couldn’t think of a better person to be blessed with this kind of a gift. We are sure that she is going to be an amazing mother and that she is going to raise an amazing child. After what she did for Katie, we know that she won’t disappoint us!


She’s also going to be a fun and cool mother. If you take a look at her viral posts on Facebook, like the make a child disappear challenge you won’t doubt this! And she sure will teach her child not to transport a snow globe on planes. Here are some regulations about it.

33. Here Are Some Regulations For You If You Want To Transport Snow Globes Through Airports

Linda’s gift for Katie was not allowed to go through the security control of the airport because of its size. If the snow globe is bigger than a tennis ball it can’t pass, strange right?! If you would like to transport a snow globe make sure that it actually isn’t bigger than a tennis ball.


The TSA’s Lisa Farbstein states that, snow globes smaller than a tennis ball are going to be allowed on board on airplane. And everything that is bigger than this won’t be allowed on board. In the following paragraph you’re going to see a couple of strange items that were prohibited by the TSA’s agents.

34. Some More Strange Confiscated Items

The TSA are pretty strict about how much liquids you can take on board with you. Canned foods shouldn’t be more than 100ml. And snow globes are forbidden because they are made up from gasses and liquids. Here are a couple of strange items that the TSA didn’t let go through: shoe insoles, fishing rods, sporting equipment, tents, and tent pegs.


Also, a big no-go are the helium balloons, hair dye and art supplies. They contain some forbidden chemicals. And one of the strangest things I’ve ever heard was that sausages and cheese can also be taken for further inspection (because they’re hard to set apart from bombs on the x-ray machines that can be found on the airports). But, don’t worry. We have some good news too! With the development of the current technology – the CT machines which can check the consistency of the liquids in the bags without taking them out!

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