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Which type of Yoga you should be doing?


Yoga seems to be pretty in these days, the trend that everybody around us seems to follow. But are they doing yoga because they know the benefits that they’re getting from it or simply because everybody else does it? Well, either way, if you’re planning to get into yoga then today’s post is perfect for you. No matter if you’re simply a newbie when it comes to yoga or you’re an expert in today’s post we’re going to tell you which type of yoga is best for you.

Kundalini, Beginners Yoga Poses

For the ones of you that are newbies in yoga, and are just getting into yoga, the fitness level is important for you, these beginner yoga poses are great for you. This type of yoga is gentle and easy, but despite that fact, Kundalini yoga consists of a couple of poses that really put your body and strength on a test. However, this type of yoga is more focused on the spiritual aspect and includes exercises, meditation by focusing on your breathing, and on some occasions, it even requires some chanting.

Ashtanga, More Challenging Yoga Poses

This type of yoga poses requires a bit more experience than Kundalini yoga. If you’re a beginner and feel ready to take up a challenge in yoga then these yoga poses are just right for you. The Ashtanga yoga will really put you on a test and make you work up a sweat. These poses will improve the balance of your body. But, the Ashtanga yoga will also teach you a couple more advanced breathing techniques that will help the air flow in your body.

Bikram, Advanced Yoga Poses

Bikram yoga is also known as “Hot Yoga”. This type of yoga got its name simply because it should take place in a hot and humid room. After your body temperature rises, this type of yoga makes you work really hard in order to try and do a sequence of 26 yoga poses. A note worth talking about is the fact that some people love this kind of yoga, but there are some that cannot stand the humidity and the high temperatures of this type of yoga. So, if you are facing some medical problems don’t do this yoga type at all, or do it at your own risk. It would be best to consult a professional.

Power, Expert Yoga

Power yoga is for the ones of you that have been doing yoga for long now. It requires a lot of flexibility and power as well as experience. These yoga poses will make you work to do them, and are created in order to help you build up some strength and muscles. This type of yoga is a fast pace yoga because of the fact that it transitions quickly from one pose into another and leaves you with no time to rest.

As we mentioned at the beginning yoga is becoming more and more popular amongst people, and oftentimes it can be pretty hard to know which type of yoga to start with particularly if you’re a beginner. So take up the beginner based yoga types at first because they’re pretty gentle and don’t require a lot of flexibility.


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