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Why take one dog home, when you can take every dog from the shelter


When visiting a shelter with the purpose of adopting a dog, it is like love at first sight when you see it and instantly have a connection with a certain dog. Danielle Eden and her husband Rob deserve our full respect after what they did after visiting a dog shelter when they were in Israel. Owning 50-acres of land in Ontario, Canada, Danielle Eden, and her husband are the founders of the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary. Danielle and her husband were shocked when the saw how the dog was living in the shelter and had little-to-no room to play, very little food and water and was desperate for someone to take them home and feel loved again. She couldn’t bear to leave all the dogs living like that so they decided to take all the dogs with them.

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Because both of them believe that every dog deserves a second chance, although it is not very easy to care for one dog who suffers from some kind of illness or disability yet alone more. But they say you can notice how dogs who were given the second chance after being neglected, with proper help can become fun loving dogs.

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With the opening of the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, Danielle and Rob created a place where any dog is welcomed and is being placed on a list so that he can find a new home. Whether the dog was rescued for the street, brought by people who couldn’t take care of them anymore or rescued from a place that the dog had no living conditions. But Danielle has set herself a mission to rescue and take the dogs back to her shelter, which has a hard time finding a new home. She often visits Israel, where she grew up, she plans that she would take back a couple of dogs back with her.

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After visiting a dog shelter in Israel and seeing how the dogs were kept in cages too small for one of them let alone a couple of dogs, not having the proper amount of water and food and a really small space to run and play for all the 250 dogs there, Danielle was shocked and couldn’t just leave with one or two dogs. So with her husband, the managed to buy the shelter and after months of hard work and dedication, the successfully brought every dog back at their shelter in Ontario. Plus, after she posted a video of the process of taking the dogs from Israel back to Canada, lots of people wrote to her either for helping with donations or wanting to adopt one of the dogs brought from Israel.

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Fast forward three years after they rescued the dogs from the horrible, disease-filled shelter almost all of the dogs have found a new loving home. Danielle shared every step of the way of the big project they had rescuing the dog on the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary social media platforms, and a lot of people were willing to help the family in their mission. Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, as it is shown on their social media, is a place where dogs can run around and play with each other, always have medical help if they needed and they always food and water for every dog.

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Danielle and her shelter in Canada, continue to work with other shelters in Israel and lots of volunteers have come up to lend a hand in their mission. She will continue her personal mission on finding and helping the most neglected animals and will try to get them back up on their feet, to be the loving caring animals they should have been in the first place. Knowing that helping every single animal is an impossible task but she has sworn to at least try to the best of her abilities and help from her husband and others. And of course, with every visit to Israel, she will continue to bring back as many dogs as possible.

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