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Why water should be your best friend


Let’s start today’s article with some facts about water. Did you know that 71 percent of our planet is covered under water? And, two-thirds of the human body is filled with water…Water is all around us, we just need to notice it. But, there are a lot of situations where forget that it’s one of the most important parts of our lives. So, what’s the reason why you should make water one of your best friends…?

Increases the Immune System

Winter is a well-known part of the year simply because of the fact that all of the germs and bacteria come alive in this period of the year. The immune system defends you from these kinds of trouble makers, and drinking water is proven to be the number one booster of our immune system. This means that the key ingredient for our bodies to function well is the water. Make sure that you have drank enough water throughout the day, and make sure that you’ve consumed everything that you might need in during the day. This will, in fact, reduce the chances of developing some kind of a health problem and most importantly it will help your body flush out all the toxins while giving the needed oxygen levels.

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Eliminates the Annoying Back Ache

Dehydration is a proven cause for back pain. Yes, this is a proven fact, and it happens because of the hydration of the discs in our back. Water is the main ingredient in each and every central nucleus in our disks.  And if our body is lacking water, then this would mean that the chances of back pain are hugely increased. Stop reaching towards the medication cabinet, and start drinking a glass of water every time you feel your back pain.

A Great Mood Booster

In order for our body to run at its best potential, it is of crucial importance to make sure that it has everything that we think it would need. Hydration, healthy food consumption and some other similar things are the things that are essential for our body to function like a well-oiled machine. By giving our body lots of water, we will help our organs improve their work. And, when we have our organs working at their best, we won’t be feeling any discomfort or pain.

Water Improves Heart Rate

Our brains consist of 73% water. But despite this, our heart can also benefit from a glass of water. This is because of the fact that as many studies show, drinking water can oftentimes reduce the risks of developing any kind of a coronary heart problem. Drinking water keeps our blood moving around our body, so this means that our heart doesn’t have to work as hard in order to pump the blood. And, this is how our hearts benefit from drinking water.

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It Energizes us

In the event that you wind up going after an espresso when you get up at the beginning of the day, at that point it could be time to begin drinking more water for the duration of the day to help end your caffeine addiction. Being dehydrated can significantly affect our cerebrum as our attention, memory abilities, and focus are altogether influenced. This would then be able to prompt inclination drained because of all the additional work that we need to stay focused. Consuming a lot of water for the duration of the day should keep you energized – even after the lunchtime slump.

As we mentioned earlier, water is an important part of everybody’s life. So there are not too many things that it actually can’t do. Take a couple of glasses throughout the day in order to make sure that you keep your hydration levels up.  You will begin to see the amazing benefits almost immediately.


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