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Why we should all spend more time outdoors


Summertime and the winter are a great time to spend outside of our house. But, a lot of us end up sitting in the majority of these months. We find some explanations that it’s too cold or too hot outside. Going outside of our house can oftentimes feel like we’re leaving our comfort zone, but in reality, we would love to go out if we knew some of the benefits that we can get from going outside for a couple of hours a day. Short walks in your neighborhood, long hikes in the woods, running, climbing, exploring, there are tons of things that you can do outside and will benefit your overall health. So that’s why we’ve decided to separate a couple of reasons why you would love to go outside…

Keeps your Mental Health on Point

Mental health problems are becoming more and more common in our world. Have you ever stopped and thought about why this might be happening? Well, one of the more important reasons why this is happening is because we spend too much time home either on our computers or on our beds. Taking a breath of fresh air can make the difference between you feeling down and tired and you feeling amazing. You’ll notice how taking a breath of fresh air will lift away all the problems out of your head. And the most important thing you need to remember that you’re not the only one feeling that way, so if going outside doesn’t help you try and meet up with friends and talk with them!

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It’s Also Amazing for your Physical Health!

Yes, it can affect your mental health, but besides that, going outside can also help you out with your physical health. That comes as a result of the physical activity that you need to do in order to go outside, and as we all know the physical activity of any intensity can actually help you out with your physical health. As we mentioned earlier, hiking, walking, running, short walks, sprint runs etc. can significantly improve your physical health. By exercising you will burn calories and lower the risks of developing some kind of heart disease as well as high blood pressure.

You can Become One with Nature!

It might not always seem that way, but the world can be a beautiful place, as long as you allow it to be a beautiful place for you! Taking our surroundings and the things we’ve done on this planet we’re extremely lucky for the fact that we’re still able to live here. By going outside for a couple of hours you will be able to appreciate the things that our planet gives us. As well as experience the outside world and socialize with other people. And, outside doesn’t have to be only in the town, you can go out for a hike in the woods and experience how it feels being one with nature!

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Improve Your Sleeping Cycle!

Natural sunlight is important for our bodies. And, by staying inside in our homes we are starving our bodies from that. Our body reacts to the sunlight with the melatonin, this is the hormone that regulates our sleeping cycles. By starving our bodies of natural sunlight we disrupt the flow of this hormone and we end up disrupting our circadian rhythm. But, by going outside we can resolve this issue and get the sunlight that we need to improve our sleeping cycles and the melatonin levels in our bodies.

If you can’t decide whether you should go outside for a walk or stay home and watch Netflix throughout the whole day, then we’d recommend you to go outside and get your daily dose of health!


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