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Why you should try rock climbing


Have you ever felt like you want to do some exercise but the thought of simply going to the gym felt like something you don’t want to do? Well, sometimes we need to do something different with our body. Like doing some exercises that don’t feel anything like working out in the gym. This is how rock climbing makes its way here and here are some of the benefits that you can get from rock climbing.

It Strengthens your Muscles

If you’re the type of person that only wants to be fit and stop themselves from gaining too much weight, then rock climbing is the sport that you need to get into. The best way to stay fit and to lose weight is to start lifting weights, but that can get pretty boring and after a while it becomes monotonous. You’re doing nothing but standing in front of a mirror, staring at yourself and lifting weights. Rock climbing is a better alternative because of the fact that you’re only lifting your own body weight, and you’re constantly working out while you’re on the wall. Each and every visit to the rock climbing wall is going to make you stronger and stronger.

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You can Burn Calories no Matter What the Weather is Like

Yes, there are some activities that are better and more fun to do, but most of them are pretty dependent on the weather outside. Rock climbing, on the other hand, is not weather dependent simply because you’re inside the whole time while you’re exercising. The fact that there are climbing gyms in almost every town nowadays this means that it is accessible for a lot of people. And now for the thing that I know most of you are pretty interested, when you’re up on the wall you can burn anywhere from 500 up to 900 calories every hour.

It Doesn’t Cost a lot to Start Rock Climbing

Large costs can be included when you decide to start some kind of sports because of the fact that you need to have specific equipment in order to start. And, you have rock climbing on the other side with pretty low start-up costs, with the ability to rent the equipment and see if you like it or not. When you try it out and realize that you like it you can buy your own equipment or you can continue to rent the equipment from the rock climbing gym.

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Multiple Goals and Levels

One thing is for sure, you will never get tired of rock climbing, simply because of the fact that there’s always something new to do. There are multiple levels and routes in every climbing gym, so once you’ve mastered one route you go to the next one, once you’ve mastered all the routes you go to the next level.

It’s Good for Making Friends

Rock climbing can be pretty social. When you’re in the gym all of the people there are focused on their workout routines and no one seems to have time for chatting. Rock climbing, on the other hand, is pretty social, there will always be the person who knows a lot about rock climbing and gives out tips and makes friends.



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