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Woman Becomes Surrogate, Giving The Best Gift Ever To Twin Sister Battling Cancer


In hard times we realize that we would actually do anything for our family. That’s what Danielle Rants realized once she decided to support her sister while she was going through an infertility crisis. So, Danielle decided that she is going to help her sister by offering to be surrogate. It wasn’t easy on Danielle offering this up to her sister, but what she didn’t know was the fact that this would bring the two sisters even closer to one another.

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Diagnosed with Cancer

Kaila Jorgensen from Olympia, Washington heard something nobody would like to hear from their doctor. Namely back in 2016, Kaila was told that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Once she was diagnosed, she didn’t know anything, so she started looking at what the repercussions are. She wasn’t married at the time, and she wasn’t planning on having any babies, so she thought that the cancer was only going to affect her and the people that are around her at that moment. But, she was awfully wrong.  Kaila and her then-fiancé, and now-husband were sure that someday they would want to grow kids. But, sadly nearly before the wedding, they found out that Kaila was suffering from the BRCA gene (breast cancer gene mutation), which meant that she isn’t going to be able to have children. Some doctors suggested to Kaila to freeze her reproductive eggs before she underwent chemotherapy, but as soon as she started the process of freezing her eggs, cancer started metastasizing, so she had to stop with that immediately. The fact that she couldn’t have any children was devastating to her

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They didn’t know what they were going to do, they were unsure of what they’re going to do in the present, and the future was even foggier. At one point they started pushing Kaila’s oncologist, she told him that they are planning on getting married, and asked him if he knew how long they would have to wait before they try and have children, but, once she got the answer from the doctor, she regretted asking. The doctor said that they would have to wait and see, and before they decide what the best course of action is for them, they shouldn’t try. But, the Jorgensens were agreed that they are going to have a family and nobody was going to take away that from them, not even the breast cancer Kaila was suffering from!

Her Twin Sister Offered to Help

Danielle, Kaila’s twin sister, didn’t want to see her friend and her sister suffering, so she started looking for a way to help them. At the moment, Danielle was single, and she didn’t have any plans of getting married soon, so she decided to offer up carrying her sister’s child. She spent a lot of time thinking about this idea, but in the end, she decided that it would be the best gift she could give to her sister. She stated that because of the fact that they were twin sisters she felt like it was the natural thing to do, so she started researching surrogacy and went to doctors in order to find out if her body would be susceptible to surrogacy.

She Didn’t Expect the Offer

Kaila stated that she didn’t have any idea of the plans and the things that her twin sister was doing regarding the surrogacy. She found out after Danielle was sure that she could do it. And, as she puts it, she was shocked to find that out, but she admitted that she was incredibly humbled. In an interview, she confirmed that she didn’t have any idea, and she explained how she felt once she found out.

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Kaila and her husband decided to use Danielle’s eggs, just because of the possibility of the baby inheriting the BRCA gene from Kaila. They quickly began the paperwork and the process for surrogacy, and luckily, they were successful at their first attempt. Danielle stated that she was happy that it worked on their first try, and given the fact that there could be lots of failed attempts, they felt pretty good. Despite the fact that they all knew that Danielle was going to get pregnant, it still came as a shock to her to find out that she is pregnant. In the interview, she stated that there were no complications in her pregnancy. But, the whole situation was pretty nerve-wracking for her.

Strengthening their Bond

Since her sister got pregnant, however, Kaila’s problem came back. Namely, cancer has progressed, so she had to go back to chemotherapy. But, she knows that she is going to meet her baby that is due this month. She is thankful to both her husband and her sister for getting her through this whole experience. And, just like pregnancy is the bond that bonds two partners, even more, int heir marriage, this pregnancy strengthened the bond between the two twin sisters.


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