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Woman Goes To Hospital But Doctors Reveal The Most Bizarre News That Upset Boyfriend


Phantom pregnancies can be pretty harsh, take a read and figure out how it affected this Canadian couple that was expecting to have quintuplets, (five babies)… There is one bad twist to the story though, read on and figure out what is the twist and what was the impact that it left to the couple!

Paul’s and Barbara’s Story

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Life went completely sideways for Paul Servat, a 35-year-old Canadian from Montreal, and his girlfriend, Barbara Bienvenue, a 37-year-old also from Montreal, Canada. The couple had met in the summer of 2013 on an online website. So they didn’t wait too long and started a romantic relationship which would end up turning into a lot more for Paul and his family.

She’s Pregnant!

Not more than 2 months after their first date passed and Barbara already came out with an announcement that she was pregnant, and despite the fact that their relationship was in its early stages, Paul was more than happy to be a father! But that’s not all, in the following couple of weeks there was a lot more happy news to come for the couple!

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Not One, Not Two, Not Three, Not Four – Five Babies!

Namely, the first week since they found out about Barabara’s pregnancy she told him that they were having twins, next after only a couple of days she said that the doctor told her that there were 3 babies inside of her. Not too long after the three babies turned into 4, and the last conclusion was that Barbara was actually carrying quintuplets – (five babies).

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Telling Their Friends and Family!

When they decided to uncover the amazing new to their friends and family, everybody was thrilled with the information that they got. And since taking care for 5 babies can be a bit financially demanding everybody decided to get together and help the couple get the money and the stuff they needed for the babies. They also decided to gathered media outlets and even made a social media page where they left a number for donations. They got amazing support from both people and media outlets in Canada, but also from people from all over the world.

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It’s Time!

When Barbara finally entered into week 34, her water broke, and Paul rushed her to the Sainte-Justine Hospital in their hometown for delivery. When they got to the hospital the doctors and nurses there found out something shocking that broke Paul apart – Barbara was not, and she had never been pregnant.

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The Twist!

There was no information about the times that Barbara said that visited the doctors. In fact, there was not any information about Barbara’s pregnancy in their documents. It looked more and more as if Barbara was lying about the pregnancy, and she was never carrying 5 children. In fact, she wasn’t carrying any children at all.

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You can Pick the Names!

What’s even worse about this story according to “The Daily Mail”, is the fact that she even let Paul pick out the names that he wanted for the children. And Paul was not the only one that was devastated about the bad news he got from the hospital. He told “The Daily Mail” that his parents were so happy for their grandchildren before they found out the bad news that broke them too! Paul decided that he will end the relationship without any explanations for the lies that Barbara told him and his family.

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A Phantom Pregnancy? Or Just Lies?

The doctors think that Barbara was experiencing a phantom pregnancy at first. Where, as we said before, the symptoms are just the same as if in real pregnancy. She was experiencing irregularity in her menstrual cycle, dizziness and swelling.

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She doesn’t Think so!

False pregnancies are not as common as you might think they are. In fact, they are pretty rare. This condition appears in women that want personal attention and affirmation, this is the statement that Suzie L. Levesque, an expert psychiatrist gave for the Canadian newspaper “Toronto Sun”. She also added that Barbara seemed to be looking for some kind of benefits from her now ex-boyfriend, but at the same time, she was trying to draw some attention to her.

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Suzie also stated that there aren’t any medications for treating women that are experiencing false pregnancies, and the only way that women can be treated is with therapy form an expert psychiatrist.

But he Saw all of the Symptoms!

Paul said that he saw Barbara’s belly swelling, she was lactating, and he was even there when Barbara’s water broke. But, as the gynecologist Isabelle Girard puts it, there is a logical explanation for everything here. She said that Barbara might have been pushing her belly outwards, or simply eating more in order to swell in her belly. She explained that women can also lactate from more intense nipple stimulation, and for her water breaking, the gynecologist said that she thinks that it was because of urinary incontinence.

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As a result of how complicated their case was, Barbara went under a psychological evaluation which was going to help whether she was faking the pregnancy or if she was really experiencing false pregnancy.

Not the First Time To Lie!

One of Paul’s friends said for “The Daily Mail” that this wasn’t the first time that Barbara was faking a pregnancy in order to get some benefits from her boyfriends. She also did this back in 2010 to another guy, but he never thought that she could be that sick to do that to Paul too!

This was the story and the feelings that Paul felt when he realized that his girlfriend wasn’t going to have babies and that he isn’t going to become a father. This was a real disappointment both for him, everybody in his family and for his friends too! We hope that both Paul and Barbara will be able to recover from this devastating story!

Am I Pregnant?

The constant feeling of nausea, feeling tired and the swelling breasts are all clear signs of pregnancy. But is this always the case or is there something more behind these symptoms? In today’s article, we’ve decided to talk a bit more about Pseudocyesis or “Phantom Pregnancy”.

What is “Phantom Pregnancy”?

The phantom pregnancy or better known as false pregnancy is a condition that is not very common, it convinces women into believing that they are pregnant. And the weirdest part is that they actually have some symptoms of pregnancy, and some even get a pregnancy belly despite the fact that they are not pregnant at all.

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To help you understand it better, this is not a miscarriage. We’re talking about something completely different. In fact, with the phantom pregnancy, there wasn’t any conception, and there isn’t a baby in the “mother’s” belly. But the pregnancy symptoms stack up despite this. And in some cases, these symptoms are more convincing even when compared to doctors’ opinions.

What are The Main Reasons “Phantom Pregnancy” Appears?

At the moment there aren’t any evidence nor answers why the phantom pregnancy appears in some women. But, there are a lot of theories that are oftentimes backed up by some evidence.

One of those theories is the theory that some mental health professionals set and that is the theory that phantom pregnancy appears because of a strong and oftentimes intense desire of getting pregnant. Sometimes it might not even be desire, this could also be driven by fear. This, in turn, fools the brain of the woman and it sends out symptoms and feelings of pregnancy.

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Another famous and pretty strongly backed up theory is linked with the wish fulfillment. Some professionals in the mental health area think that oftentimes women who have undergone hard circumstances like miscarriage, the inability to get pregnant and in some cases even if the women only want to get married, they oftentimes end up misinterpreting some changes that occur in their body as pregnancy.

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And last but not least, the third theory is connected to some chemical changes that occur in the nervous system of the women who are suffering from phantom pregnancies. This is linked to depressive disorders and it doesn’t exclude the possibility of the false pregnancy symptoms appearing as a result of these chemical changes that happen in their bodies.

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Some of the More Common Symptoms of “Phantom Pregnancy”

To be honest, here, false pregnancies oftentimes are real pregnancies minus the baby. So, in almost all of the cases, the women think that they’re absolutely pregnant, and oftentimes they won’t take no for an answer.

Baby Bump

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he first, most obvious symptom about a false pregnancy is the baby bump (minus the baby of course). The women that are suffering from phantom pregnancies get the baby bump, and their belly, in fact, expands as if there’s a baby inside, but there isn’t one. So what is the reason that this “baby” bump appears then if it’s not because of a baby? Well, scientists think that the expanding belly appears simply as a result of a buildup of:

  • Feces
  • Fat
  • Urine
  • Gas

Irregular Menstrual Cycles

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The second, most well-known symptom about pregnancy also comes with phantom pregnancies and it is the irregular menstrual cycles for the women. A big number of the women, somewhere in between ½ and ¾ of the girls who experienced false pregnancy reported that they felt the baby moving inside their stomach, and some even said that they could feel it constantly kicking. But, there wasn’t a baby that could’ve done that… And, what’s even weirder there are tons of other symptoms that make it even harder to separate the actual pregnancy from a phantom one. Here are some of them:

  • Enlargement of the uterus
  • Softening of the cervix
  • Tender breasts
  • Changes to the breasts, including size and pigmentation
  • Morning sickness and vomiting
  • Weight gain
  • Labor pains
  • Lactation
  • Inverted bellybutton
  • Increased appetite
  • False labor

Sometimes these symptoms were so convincing that even some of the doctors believed that the women were pregnant.

How to Treat False Pregnancy?

Imaging techniques are a great way of explaining a woman that she isn’t pregnant, you can try with ultrasound because of the fact that it is one of the most sophisticated ways of getting an image of a baby.

There isn’t any kind of a health impact to the woman experiencing phantom pregnancy, so there aren’t any recommendations nor medications to treat it. If the woman starts experiencing irregularities in her menstrual cycle, then she should be prescribed medications for that, in order to treat that.

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Phantom pregnancies are proven to happen more to women that have some kind of psychological instability and that is why we would recommend putting them under psychotherapist care in order to be properly treated!

Bottom line

Phantom pregnancies are not a common thing that a lot of women experience. So, that’s why not a lot of woman are informed enough and might mistake pseudocyesis symptoms with the symptoms of an actual pregnancy. The only difference between these two sets of symptoms is the fact that only one of them brings a baby in this world, and that, of course, are the pregnancy symptoms. The reason why there is no baby in the false pregnancy is purely based on the fact that there wasn’t any conception to start with. The best thing you can do in order to discover whether you’re pregnant or not if you’re experiencing the symptoms is to talk to your doctor and listen to their opinion no matter how harsh it might seem.

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Here’s What some Well-Known Doctors have to Say about False Pregnancy:

Kimberly Gecsi:

When she first saw the girl that was rushing into labor she looked just like any pregnant woman. She stated the girl had a big belly and she was carrying a big overnight bag. There was just one problem when the nurse tried to find the baby’s heartbeat. There wasn’t one. In fact, the nurse and the doctor later found out that the Pittsburgh brunette didn’t even have a baby once they decided to perform an ultrasound. She also added that each and every one of those women come with the symptoms of pregnancy but the baby is always missing.

Dr. Paul Paulman:

In the more classic cases where women have come to Dr. Paul, he says that they have the regular symptoms of pregnancy such as enlarged belly, enlarged breasts, the increased presence of pregnancy hormones etc. The only symptoms missing are the baby’s heartbeat as well as the baby itself. He thinks that every woman’s beliefs that she is pregnant might end up actually giving her symptoms of pregnancy and he has some facts and evidence to back this up!

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He thinks that this is the case simply because of the pituitary gland. This gland is a pea-sized structure that can be found in the base of each and woman’s brain. This gland has the ability to control milk secretion as well as menstrual cycles. So if the brain decides that the woman is pregnant, the symptoms of pregnancy start appearing slowly. But there is good news according to Dr. Paulman. The good news is that there is no physical harm that can happen to a woman from this false pregnancy.

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Dr. Orit Avni-Barron:

Dr. Avni-Barron says that they can’t find any reliable statistics that would show how common actually pseudocyesis is. Dr. Orit said that this condition is typical for the women that are aged between 20 and 39 years. This condition has been present in women of all races and income levels and that is why it is so hard to find the statistics.

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