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Woman takes sneak photo behind old man: Reveals what waitress is doing with his food


Older people can be heard saying that the youth doesn’t care for them and that they don’t respect them as much as they should be respected. And, some cases show that to be true. I am not saying that young people shouldn’t respect the elderly. In fact, they should be grateful for the country that the elderly left for us.

But, this isn’t true for a lot of the cases, and elderly oftentimes exaggerate things and blow them out of proportions. A lot of youngsters and young adults show appreciation to the elderly and do great things that should be appreciated by older people.

Today we will be talking about a similar story where a young adult woman was doing something amazing for her elderly customer, and somebody managed to get this on a picture. So, make sure that you spread this fantastic story, and hopefully, it causes waves in the ocean, making others want to do something similar!

This story is about the 18-year-old Evoni Williams, who had her shift at the place that she worked – the Waffle House in Houston, USA. And it was a regular shift for her until she noticed something strange about an elderly customer.

Namely, the customer was an older man who was carrying an oxygen tank. He seemed as though he couldn’t cut his food, and the young woman noticed that. She could notice that the older man’s hands were shaking and because of that he couldn’t manage to cut his food, so, the young lady decided to go to the older man and ask to help him.

Laura Wolf was a random customer who was at the right place at the right time. So, she told us how Evoni went in and started cutting the older man’s food without any hesitation. Laura was fast to catch a picture of the whole ordeal and decided to post it on her Facebook page because of the fact that she was touched by the good deed that Evoni had done.

Image Source: Facebook / Laura Wolf

Laura continued to explain the situation and said that despite the fact that this might not seem like a lot to us, it sure meant a lot to the older man. She went on talking about how grateful she was for seeing this good deed. It helped her start her day positively despite all of the negativity that is surrounding us.

Not a week has passed since the whole ordeal, and the picture that Wolf put up on her Facebook profile has been shared more than forty thousand times. And, the image started going further, it reached the Texas Southern University School, and once they saw the picture they decided to offer Evoni a scholarship of 16 000 dollars.

Image Source: Facebook / Texas Southern University

The young girl just graduated from her high school back in May, and she was currently working at Waffle House in Houston in order to save up some money in order to go to university.

The girl was pretty humble about the whole event. She stated that although she appreciates all the praise, she didn’t see why. She said that her actions were nothing out of the ordinary.

The youngster didn’t know that the photo was taken, and she found out a couple of hours later. And as she puts it, she didn’t think twice before helping the older man because of the fact that it seemed like the normal thing to do to her.

Image Source: Facebook / Texas City La Marque Chamber of Commerce

These kinds of stories are really heartwarming and touching. I am feeling the need to do something good after I finished writing the story of Evoni. I am glad that she got the money that she needed to go to university by Texas Southern University. She deserved the funds. Don’t forget to share this story on your social media. Who knows, it might inspire someone to do some good deeds!

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